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So for a while now... well 2 damn years lol.

I had an idea of flash just coming in out of nowhere and whopping butt. So, for some random reason, i choose king of fighter cause why not?

Well, It's the only fighting game I rarely play and learned a lot about after doing research.

I like Rugal and Iori

So I re watched the animation I had at the time and decided to finish it!

It's short but enjoy!


Like the other reviewers have mentioned, some things that took away from this are the "Play" button. The sounds are a bit too loud as well. I liked the animations, its an improvements, but more can be improved.

As a Flash fan I loved this. The animation was great and the fights were choreographed well. Now if you were ever able to find a Zoom sprite as well... :P

Firstly, make a 'play' button, lol. This is real good. I can fully see improvements. If I'm honest, the beginning was a bit rush, no pun intended. It was a nice use of the sprites, however, it was a bit choppy in some parts. Watch some other videos and learn some techniques of movement. The flow fluctuated a bit. A part from that, the night battle transition was where it got really good. Keep that consistency and you're on your way!

Well, damn, that fight animation was amazing! I really love your style! The only thing I recommend is that you use Swivel to convert it to an MP4, it would be a lot more easy to watch, and will be easier to upload to other sites such as YouTube! Other then that, good job!

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PrimeStone responds:

I have used swivel and it's awesome! I guess I just love the old flash player style lol. But I ill use the alternative, cause it's easier for more to see. But thanks for watching!

Pretty good, you improve in your style. It's good to see swf files once in a while, but I recommend adding a pre-loader just in case for those with slow connections. Or convert it to mp4 with swivel.
Watch out for stand posses as gifs, go into them and adjust their position. You can see Rugal has a slight floating forward motion, also sounds are a bit loud. Other than that, keep knocking these out.

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PrimeStone responds:

Thanks! This was years old and I decided to finish it! I will start to use the mp4 alternative from now on even tho, i love swf files lol. Yeah, My fault for being lazy. Rugal had so many sprites in that stance lol. The sounds was another thing too, i'll be sure to fix that next time. Thanks for your comment!

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Jul 13, 2017
5:04 AM EDT