Breast Fight - Sexy Tiles

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UPDATE 9-16-2017:
You now get SIX cherries, instead of three. Cherries are unlocked for every 10 tiles you break, allowing you to clear the board faster. Small star has been made slightly larger in order to be easier to click.

SEXY TILES is a new type of puzzle game series coming to BarbarianBabes.com.

Catch the Star to smash tiles, grab Cherries and Apples to help you on your way, watch out for bombs, and be sure to destroy Mr. Smiley when he shows up or he will undo your hard work! Destroy all tiles before time is up to win and unleash these girls on each other, then sit back and enjoy the show!

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grate game

As much as I love BarbarianBabes games (despite the finicky controls at times) this one doesn't cut the mustard. Perhaps it's because I have to use a touchpad as opposed to a mouse, but I can't even manage to uncover a quarter of the tiles before running out of chances.
Not only does the star move faster than my cursor can traverse the scree, but it's hitbox is so small that even if I do make it there before it disappears, my click counts as a miss anyway. And don't get me started on Mr. Smiley.
I understand the idea, and it's a good concept, but there's just too much going on in the game to keep track of, and is essentially impossible without a mouse. I can't even use the tab trick to help.

I see three avenues for improvement:
1) Cut out (at least) one of the frustration features. Whether it be the misclick penalization, the timer, or Mr. Smiley. Extract any one of these and the game will become that much better.
2) Incorporate a relevant user interface. Stars, fruit, bombs, and a smiley face? There's no theme here and I don't even know where to start on incorporating one. Perhaps generic emoticons? A kissy face to replace the star, winks and laughs for the fruit, a ninja face for Mr. Smiley, and a devil face for the bomb. I dunno, something. This is a hold up I have with most of the games (so much so that I'd love to design a single and synchronized U.I for ALL of them)
3) Ditch the clickspose concept altogether. It's an archaic feature that can come across as tedious, even if done well. Something just as challenging but far more engaging, is Breakout. If that's too in depth to code, then go for Minesweeper, challenging though not as intense, unless you add a time limit. If even THAT'S too complex, a basic memory matching game. You could even have the flip card images as other BarbarianBabe characters, with hints on the back to help you remember who's who... so long as you're fairly well versed with other BarbarianBabe games.

All in all, the simple fact that there's nothing I can do to actually win this game without a mouse as my laptop only has two working USB ports (both of which are already in use) I can't give it any stars as the gameplay isn't interesting in and of itself. It's not fun. It's not appealing. It's not eye catching. It's essentially an eternal tease without any opportunity of reward. Which, going off what others say, isn't worth the difficulty in the first place.

BarbarianBabes responds:

Touchpad might still be tough but we have doubled the number of cherries you get, which should make it easier to finish the board.

A game that requires patience to win. I don't mind that I had to take my time, but I will only give 3 stars since the reward is not worth the effort in my opinion.

The mechanics are poor, try having the objects you have to click to win do something other than just teleport around randomly

at times the click doesnt really hit the hitbox of the star... not sure if its a delay on my side or the game, but overall its not bad quite challenging. Just felt abit annoyed by the gigantic stop sign that suddenly float out nonestop for over 10 sec and the pink dude rebuilding the bloody wall....

BarbarianBabes responds:

yes it does get harder! but you can destroy the pink dude as soon as you see him in one click ;) The star is tough to catch because if you click between the points you will miss it. the hit box isn't a "box" it's the graphics itself. The idea is you have to aim carefully, maybe wait till the pops up in the area of the board where your mouse is already hanging out.

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1.86 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2017
5:14 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other