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TF-Bumper Springer

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Just faving alil fun with dragonframe,.. Ive havent had time to animate much, but making little bumpers like these are short and sweet.. might do more of em...

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I have the toy! Nice bumper man!

well made stop motion for such a small project; makes me wonder if we'll get to see Soundwave take part in one haha

MindChamber responds:

I DO have soundwave so ....maybe;)

holy shit dog fucking awesome work

I wasn't that impressed by this. I mean, it was just a really short bumper. It's not that suitable for this website. Still, I love how you're still around. You're a great animator. Hey, you changed your thumbnail!

Your art style isn't that recognizable, I suppose. I never watched Transformers. Stop motion's still pretty cool. We still want everything here. Oh TF stands for Transformers.

MindChamber responds:

Yah it's just an exercise..it shouldn't be front-paged or get any site awards, perhaps there should be a function for movies similar to the art section where you can lock off from ratings and FP.. Anyways short practice animation is pretty much all I have time for.. believe me I feel uncomfortable uploading small one off gags or drills, which is why I usually dump these on my Facebook page,.but then I feel like,.. short or not it did take some work, and there's setup and prep involved in any type of animation. Something I'm sure animators could appreciate..as well as stopmotion fans..so I uploaded it here..Besides, if everyone on the site only bothered to upload only thier 2 year epic opus projects.. this would be a pretty empty site.. .. uploading any type of processes should be welcomed in a community like this if this site is to progress further then a just a showcase website..So for now , from me, it's either that or nothing..

this turned out great, very saturday morning cartoons. kind of a shame these sort of bumpers will never be seen on tv again.