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The candidate's race has ended and the result depends on the only vote! Who is the winner?

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The art could have done with a bit of polishing especially in the second animation of the girl winning, but it was a nice short porn game and I have to give extra points for having actual original content (the strapon), there's more need for that kind of diversity in these games.

its very well made and i had a good time playing it the only thing that could be improved is if when the girl wins add some male moaning that would make this game ten times better


After reading EroPharaoh's "review" (it seems way too caustic and reads more like a rant), I think that I need to add my two cents. Is this the best h-game in Newgrounds? Not by a long shot. Is this a bad h-game anyways? I don't think it is. I warn you this might sound a bit subjective, but I'm going to tell you what you're gonna get here, and you can judge by yourself:


- The artwork is pretty decent. Some would say it's not that great, and I concur I've seen better, but I like it anyways, and it IS an improvement over the previous games. The gal looks pretty hot and they guy is not ugly either. Speaking of which...

- Fun with both the girl and the guy. To explain: in the game, the guy plays rock paper scissors with the girl, and if the guy wins, he gets to bang the girl, but if he loses, she produces a strap-on and fucks the guy in the ass (and his expression shows that he loves it). This may sound bad, butt to me, it's awesome. Leaving the fact that I love to see both girls and guys get fucked in the ass (what? I'm a dominant bisexual, don't judge), really, how many hentai games do you know where you can see the guy AND the gal get banged (in a consensual way, also)? It's quite original. Not to mention, this means that the game has something for everyone.

- There's anal sex with the girl. It may not seem much, but I think it's nice to either include it or to have the option to choose it.

- The replay button. If you lose a game, you can replay and try to win the next time, so you can have whatever ending you desire. Again, it may seem pointless to applaud this, but it's useful to get whatever ending you desire.


- The politics as a background. It's not THAT BAD, I mean, all h-games need some form of background; but I just don't like politics in my pr0n. Also, FRENCH politics? ...for some reason that makes this a bit hotter.

- The rock paper scissors gameplay. I agree that it's not something I like very much to get to see teh sexay stuff, but I've seen worse anyways. It's just a minor hoop (less than 30 seconds) to jump to get to the good stuff. Also, it's nowhere near as based on sheer luck as one could think. It may be just my experience, but there are ways to predict what the machine will do, and even if you lose, like I said, the replay button helps.

- The sound effects and the music are ok, but a bit limited. When the guy gets dildoed we hear the moans of the girl instead of his. Not that she wouldn't moan too, but it was funny to me because it seemed like the guy has a girly voice.

- The endings. It feels a bit weird to be rewared by the new president for helping him (or her) win by buttfucking the opposing voter...but hey, hentai games tend to be a bit on the weird side. Also, if the cameras taped the way victory was achieved, I think the news and Pornhub will get some new juicy material soon.


- The spelling errors. Others have mentioned it already, so sorry if I'm beating a dead horse here, but, yeah, it would require some guidance. Not that it's AS BAD as others claim (I mean, here on the Internet, there are FAR WORSE examples) and we're not going to play grammar nazis here. However, I would reccomend finding a person to help you redact these texts.

- The fixed expressions. I would reccomend you to try and give the characters some more expressions when they get penetrated.

- Some of the animations are a bit lackluster. Particularly the final one with the guy, where the pelvis of the gal breaks like she's a Barbie doll.


I think this game deserves more than just two or three stars. It's fun, it's quick, it's (mostly) easy on the eye and has lots of potential. Sure, the typos are a bit distracting at times, but I don't think that those are what we came to see here. Final rating: 4/5.

that ending 2 soo weird BUT gj man

x2 good stuff

Good!.. but a little constructive criticism...

A few typos when translated into English.. "You're just talk" and "Saying that you offer labor conditions... ... " and "We will offer it" and "We have not even heard concrete proposals from you yet!" and "No! That's true... or.. That's not the truth"

other than that.. good stuff

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2.26 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2017
1:03 PM EDT