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Dragons's Saga: Hidden Object HD

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Dragon Saga: Hidden Object HD is the most beautifully crafted Hidden Object game to hit casual gamers to date. It fuses Hidden Object challenges with strategic simulated world creation, encouraging players to beautify their manor in order to get access to more Hidden Object gameplay. Designed for all level of players, anyone can instantly jump into the action for free, with no unlock required, for endless hours of Hidden Object fun. For those looking for a more social experience, Dragon Saga: Hidden Object HD social features encourage players to connect with friends and help each other advance in the game by visiting each other’s manors and exchanging gifts.

Product features
More achievements & more quests = more opportunities to earn rewards!
Increased rewards for all the chapter quests, now including the opportunity to earn Gold!
Walker-triggered attractions - like the Tesla Coil - will sometimes surprise you with a big gift!
A complete overhaul of social features. Track what neighbors you visit and gift!
Plus, a brand-new chapter with four beautiful Hidden Object scenes!
Introduce zoomable Hi-DepthTM Hidden Object Scenes with parallax scrolling for an unparalleled immersive HO experience
Include fully transformative Day and Night modes, with different looks, animations, and mode-specific quests
Allow players to connect with their friends and help each other advance by visiting and exchanging gifts
Allow persistent save state across platforms
Exceptionally high production values combined with best in class Free-to-Play features


I enjoyed the game, but noticed a few bugs and design features that limited my enjoyment a little.

There doesn’t seem to be a place to check progress on tablets aside from completing a level with 3 stars.

There seems to be a music loop problem where multiple tracks play at once.

When the game crashes on completing a level with 3 stars, you need to re-accomplish the mission to earn the tablet piece. No big deal in and of itself, but the bottom-right corner piece of the final (2nd) tablet never dropped for me, even when re-beating all levels with 3 stars. Stuck with 72 stars in Enchanted Forest, Lonely Hills, and Scara without being able to proceed.

Good atmosphere and style. Played it with my 7 year old who also had fun. It took us replaying each level a second (or third) time to get a decent score, and by then our times were very low and the level had become very easy.

Unfortunately it did crash on us twice, but it was still a good time and we look forward to revisiting this one sometime in the future.

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Credits & Info

3.12 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2017
5:09 AM EDT
Puzzles - Difference