The Sound of Silence (Alpha ver. 0.02)

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A puzzle game I made for a project. Any feedback on this is appreciated.

-Character Illustrations and the sprites for The Muse and Shizuka are my own.
-Both background music provided are mine as well. (Composed and played by my sister and I.)
-Some tilesets edited by me.

I would provide a download link, but I think this should suffice unless the community wants it.


Absolutely loved it, can't wait for the full version

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I liked it very much, hope there's a full game soon ;) good job :)

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OneManRektArmy responds:

Thank you~!

This is really good, hope this grows into a full game. Great work so far!

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OneManRektArmy responds:

Thank you~!

I think the game is good, although it is just a demo version. It would be better to post an entire version of the game, as this one is too short. The background music is comforting and suitable, and the game is entertaining; the art is great and I could feel connected to the main character, and I'd love to play the full version of the game. I have a great feeling about this game.

Keep it up! This is a great start, and an awesome first puzzle. I hope in the full version there will be other quests and different puzzles to solve; too much of the same thing becomes repetitive, and would take away from what is so far a very polished and interesting game. This is perfect as a first chapter though.

I really like the starting premise, you've managed to give the protagonist a unique perspective that subtly connects the player to the character; the protagonist being mute (and unable to hear themselves) mimics the players connection to the game (unable to speak directly to characters, and reading the protagonist's thoughts on screen).

I'm looking forward to seeing more from you. In this game you've managed to take the RPG maker format and create something unique, which I think takes some ingenuity. I like RPG maker, but sometimes games that use it can feel similar. You've completely avoided that pitfall. Nice job.

The story is interesting and the dialogue is well written. A very promising demo.

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3.40 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2017
11:30 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG