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String Theory

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In String Theory, you must solve puzzles by manipulating the level itself. Bring the circle to the end, and help him explore the weird dimension he ended up in!

String Theory was created during Ludum Dare 35. The game was rated #30 out of 1594 entries!
The theme of the gamejam was ‘Shapeshift’.

String Theory 2 is out now! Play it here:

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Strings (lines) can be manipulated by clicking and dragging. Bring the colored circle to the end (dark circle) to finish the puzzle.
If the level has more exits, all shapes need to enter their respective ends (square → square exit)
You can press R to reset the level

Google Chrome is highly recommended!


This is a really good physics game with a unique look and feel. Game play is easy and this is super playable on PC or touchscreen interface. It has decent replay value and bless you for letting the player mute the sound. I could see a lot of people getting a lot out of this game with ease. The look is original, and gives a cool and stimulating effect with the motion and color, rather than being too static. One downside is that it could easily be overstimulating if you put too much in, but I feel like you did a decent job trying to balance that element of the aesthetics.

This is an AMAZING psychics game. The voice acting is kinda shite, but that really doesn't matter in a game like this.
All the puzzles were enjoyable and nothing ever felt stale.

fantastic! Great game well done!

The physics are simply splendid! The strings were like little tentacle arms you can move around. A LOT of cool tricks could be done with those. I frequently found myself trying to throw the circle and square upwards, catching them and nudging them around just because it felt so fun.

This is just my opinion, but the voice acting wasn't strictly necessary. The English was excellent, although I could hear some Dutch through it quite clearly... ;)

Echt gaaf, ga vooral door! ;)

Wow! Turned out better than expected. I thought that this would be like nothing compared to the sequel, or something xD
Great job on this! I like the visuals a bit more than in the sequel, but honestly, the sequel really did have a great storyline.
But, the one question that had been always bothering me... is... why do some people post the sequel of their game BEFORE the original? xD I've seen this quite a lot, honestly
Still, awesom gam! ;D

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Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2017
4:29 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other