Dirty Ways

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A Samurai Warriors Empires Hentai loop collection, fourth installment in the monthly series: Seekers Present. This is the April 2017 mini feature.

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The animations were great,it has a charm to it.Just a question though,i am unable to find the background music anyway,i know it may sound funny but is it possible to find it anywhere or can you send me one?

I swear man, that's one of a good 2D animations. Even if some physionomists will say "eh its not well animeyted here becuze da right boobi isnt moving well", it's on purpose and it just makes the animation look original.
Keep up the good work!
I just followed you on Patreon, might pledge some day later ;)

d-z responds:

Hey thanks, man, you're the type who keep us going, financial aid is one thing then positive reinforcement can be as valuable. :-)

not into these types of animations... but I kicked my rating to 4 stars for the fact that guy in the background made me bust a laugh... those 'oh shit, I should not me seeing this' eyes are epic when well placed

d-z responds:

Boy, that sure did it for you? Have a fine time.

Some things are good, others not. Body proportions during movement are not correct - for example girls' right tight during 69

d-z responds:

Meh, another wannabe anatomist. Why do most of my commenters have to be either dicks or morons. Why can't I be lucky like those tracing guys or those tweeny boppers who just get endless compliments and stars. Most I get are comments from alt accounts. Probably frustrated animators themselves. It's a fruitless world in here. It sometimes makes me wonder why the hell do I still try to make it work in 2d when with the tools available these days I can just make some 3d and get away with everything. Then I am reminded that I love 2d art. That no matter how Impressed I am with 3d I still want 2d to live on. Not the cheap IK shit but real animated stuff. It's not like I never did IK before in fact I also did but it just looks so cheap that I am ashamed to the bone. But people got to eat and it can be hard to make money with just passion alone. That thing they say about working smart, meeting deadlines and shit. Thank God for Patreon everybody's got access to financial support from sincere patrons out there who just want their favorite artists to be able to concentrate on doing their own thing. Why do I sound angrier these days? Because people think shitty comments and genuine reviews are the same. Because I've met a bunch of people who pretend to know/practice everything but do almost nothing but talk about random shit all day. Also because most people vote socially and not technically. Oh and people not buying video games because some schmuck played a level and talked a lot of shit and apparently made a bit of a ripple in the idiot side of the gaming community, ugh, community - I hate that word. Subjective remarks, inept analysis and all that shit. But yeah, who cares, have a nice day, bub.

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2.91 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2017
8:43 AM EDT