Rescue Agent 51!

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Agent 51 is in trouble, SAVE HER!

Press any button on the title screen!!!!

Platformer/action game.
Move with WASD and shoot with arrow keys.
Jump on walls, shoot, kill.
Get to the end, save Agent 51! (two endings)

Made by:
Title Screen -- @Rocketswamp
SFX & Music -- @isaac_s_johnson
Code & Art -- @Jeuiop


sweet. but I got sick of enemies real fast. love the black and white though. somebody said it gets like Yume Nikki later. sweet!

In this game made by sadist author Jeuiop lets you control the man from the world famous do not litter icon who despite his urology problems is armed with nothing but his naked wiener and forced to take down machine gun nests, huge, respawning cannonballs and agile carnivorous birds. How do we know he is using nothing but piss as his weapon? Well because no other projectile a human can expel has such ridiculously handicapped range. Bullets, arrows, stones, turds - everything else can be shot/trown further by human body and only piss is limited to the few feet we are given here. And how do we know this guy has urology problems? Well the protagonist is not able to piss in a continuous stream and is limited to tiny droplets that are just right for the thin and agile birds to pass trough.

How hard is this game? As hard as fighting cannons and beasts with just your piss sounds like it is. To add to the sadistic difficulty each time you die a cross appears that blinks with an intensity that is guaranteed to induce seizures in epileptic players, especially when you bypass the 100 death mark that happens about two minutes in this game. And even if you are not epileptic - the plain and boringly ugly graphics style of this game is going to get you and drive you mad.

This game also thinks it needs wall sticking - because after Super Meat boy every little stupid game author thinks he need to copy Super Meat Boy and add wall sticking. You know what you could copy in the first place? Decent graphics with color. And actual responsive controls. And you should have copied fun. Above all else the game needs to be fun and this one definitely isn't.

In short I reccomend everyone ignore his game. Working at McDonalds for free as a toilet cleaner is as much fun as this game is.

If you want to know how this game ends I will spoil it to you so you don't have to play this sadistic bore. In the end some other guy is fucking the female agent you want to save, your protagonist sees that and commits suicide. There now you don't have to play this game and commit suicide yourself by trying to bypass it. You are welcome.

eeeer...Houston? I think I fell out space and time....

Well umm
that was something,
Rescue Agent 51

Its a game, a short one thought.
It's starts of whit a fantastic and gorgeous Title screen whit a looping moderhumping amaizing music! Wish i could learn how to make it.
And then you get inside a world that it feels like youre playing Yume Niki all of a sudden.
Well the premise is that you need to save this Agent and You control this other agent i think.
So a thing that i noticed on this game is the amount of enemies,sure there simple and you can avoid them but in some areas it seemd like they were a few and you could get easily surrounded,
There isn't a way to identyfiy if on the bigger enemies such as the black holes that shoots more blackholes or the crabs whit no claws take damage,especialy since i didint even thought of shooting at a black hole to damage it.Wich if you dont either can make this tiny game quite hard to play trought.
And it dosent help either when youre screen is filled whit flashing quikly graves all around you while you try to just go to an end of the screen hopping to find a checkpoint that strangely for me it seems like a mortar of all things.
This games encaptulates simple controlls on a simple idea,
Yet in some thing it dosent work
For example the MOOOON JUMP and how slowly you float dowards.
The short distance of the bullets could make hitting the other evil agents allilte bit tricky for their bullet speed is massive and when you are getting in close enconters whit the other creatures you hardly see it.
Well I dont know why i should put a spoiler warning on this one because i wont but yeah i feel like in the end you will jsut see this agent51 getting ..erm..done(?)
You canot even take a giggle and say a simple what than your character blows his head off as yhe screen lets you see that last screen
so yeah
freaking amaizing logo that for a moment i thought that how the game was going to look
a kick ass music
but moony and weird enemy position and kind of lackluster like the background and game itself
however im intresteed to see more of you because i quite liked it
nice simple experience of a few minutes
I hope i wasnt to harsh whit you

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Jeuiop responds:

Love this review! Thanks man, i'm sorry for the "troubles" was made on 48 hours for a jam and ust fixed major bugs and upload it on newgrounds to test how was reception here. I'm definitely looking to make a more bigger/better game with this idea. If you use twitter, i'm @Jeuiop.

Controls are a bit dodgy, but not bad.

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2.60 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2017
7:37 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other