Robin Quest: Gauntlet of winter

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As much as I poured all my love and effort into robin raid 3, it took for fucking ever, and I want so badly to do so much with the character.

As such, I present to you all, Robin Quest, a short spinoff series to be released episodically. No more mandatory back tracking or hunting keys, these are designed as linear, story based games, far more forgiving than other outings in this overall series.




1. "Fuck" or "Ask Nice"
2. "Up" or "Right"
3. "2" or "3"
4. "Sneak" or "Magic"
5. Any option

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Fun game! Keep up on those skillzzzz ;)

I actually really enjoy your flashes, but you must know that drawing is not your strong suit.

If you want to continue to improve your art by nixing the rotoscoped porn loops that were there in previous games, then your art should really have a bit of workshopping, because they were really some of my highlights of your flashes. It makes up for the awful anatomy (which I don't blame you for, I can't draw for shit), but it makes the best parts of the flash hardly enjoyable. When she's riding the knight and her vagina looks like it's been torn open with a scapel, then cuts to a shot of him ejaculating into some sort of vagina penis that extends from her pelvis, it's not erotic by any stretch of the means.

I don't want to criticize your kinks because I imagine you have a little bit of a gore fetish, but for myself and I imagine several other players, we enjoy exploring each branch of choices when they end in a unique sex scene. I'm okay with seeing a little bit of that gore at the end of a path because it only makes sense she would get killed in the story, but when it's just seeing her get frozen, it feels like a waste of time. You have a pension for making sex scenarios that no other flash creator has replicated. I cannot find another game quite like Robin's Raid/Quest. It's creative, fun, and you're always throwing really good sex scenarios in there. But going ALLLLLLL the way back from the beginning to try a new path only to see her fall from a wall is really boring and a bit of a waste.

That's why in Robin Quest 2, people got very frustrated when several choices would lead to the same outcome they had to wait through just to start over again. It's not a bad idea to have CONNECTING paths like in Robin's Raid 1 where you could access the trapdoor through two different ways, but it is frustrating to end up with the exact same long ending a dozen times.

I do like that you've implemented checkpoints of sorts, but it kind of kills the exploration in some forms. Being taken back to your last choice doesn't really matter when you have to sit through long cutscenes that repeat themselves once you reach an ending. I think giving people the option to right-click to skip a cutscene would seriously make the game more enjoyable so you can freely explore the choices without wasting time seeing things like her transforming into her new costume 6 times. Right-click doesn't even do anything in these games anyway, so the game can still be exclusively played on a mouse.

I really do hope the rotoscoped sex comes back, because nothing about these sex scenes really does anything this is easily my least favourite flash put out thus far by you, but I do know that you have serious potential and a great knack for this genre that basically NOBODY is doing. I can see your art improving bit by bit, so keep up the practice and try to improve upon each flash. Sorry for the somewhat negative review, I just absolutely love what you've put out and want to see you do better than this and leave some constructive comments instead of just the "LMAO THIS IS BAD" because it really isn't. Don't think you're bad, just consider the things you're not strong with and try to improve them, and take the things you're great with and expand upon them.

I'm about to go support you on Patreon, hope you're having a great day <3

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AzrealFreeman responds:

Thank you so much for the time and the effort put into this to help me grow! Before I begin, I must say, I'm shocked that someone actually enjoyed the rota scoping porn I added. I struggle greatly with anatomy, its not my strong suit, I have plenty of artistic strong suits, anatomy is not one of them. Yet people criticised the rota scoping meaning my only choice was to not using it as a crutch. Maybe I'll add further rota scoping in if other people dislike it.
Robin Quest wasn't built with world exploration in mind, not like the raid series, and one of the harshes criticism of RR3 was the lack of check points. Instead RQ was built with a cohesive narrative in mind, but when the time comes for another big ass adventure, see robin quest 4, or when i finally make a PA2 build im happy with (I've scrapped so many over the last 18 months) then the exploitative elements will make their return.
But I make these games with the intention to deviate from the cookie cutter meet n fuck games that flood the internet. They might be prettier than mine, but they are made with zero love or consideration. That's not to say I've not made great improvements, compare the first robin raid to the first robin quest to see what i mean.
Again, thank you so much for puting in the time and effort to write this out. SWFchan claims I cannot take constructive criticism, but how do you take "Your style is autistic and you're shit and you need to stop".
A metric fuck ton of thank you for your patreon pledge, you're helping bring me closer to my goal of earning a modest living from this, which means robin quest 4 won't take 7 months because I do it on the side while working 60+ hour weeks.

It's a bit like the stickman thing that was here in NG in the past. But there you could replay your decision. to find all the endings. How about adding this to your game too? Relay button where the decision doesn't change the story (or end of game) and something to jump directly to the scenes, where the end is locked in.

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AzrealFreeman responds:

I could possibly do something like that. If you find all three endings, it unlocks something to allows you to jump from scene to scene.

New Robin content?! I can't believe it.
I love your content mman, keep it coming :D

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AzrealFreeman responds:

And more you shall have my friend!

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Jul 4, 2017
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Adventure - Point 'n Click