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Hentami: Vol. 3 [Erotic Novella]

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Welcome to the world of Hentami!

We create monthly graphic novellas for the world to enjoy. With each new release we strive to improve on our game engine, storytelling and enjoyment.

In most adult games, girls are ridiculous proportioned playthings. In our games, the girls are the in depth characters and men are the playthings.

Join our family @ www.patreon.com/hentami

Thank you so much to all our Hentami supporters!


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This game..Good lord this is awful. The voice actor is..decent. She gives out decent lines with the script she was given, but even then it was JUST decent. While she could get much better if she kept training, the impact she left currently was that of a B-movie pornstar. The art clearly doesn't belong to the creator, and if so they also bothered to not just hire one artist and keep a sense of consistency. While you could consider this being a new thing for them, there is no excuse for the laziness they offered. While there are plenty of sexual games out there that have a lack of UI interaction or just act as basic concepts, they at least show effort. Here you just have someone literally shaking a still picture around and calling that a 'sex scene' like it's some kind of artistic genius.

I don't like giving out bad reviews, but the creator needs to take a wake-up pill and learn to code better. First off; get better VA's or don't get any at all. A LOT of good porn games, both visual and interactive, don't have any voicing in them. The voice actor isn't cut out for this kind of work and needs more training. She's not giving out any sort of emotion into her reading besides the stale 'talk' porn actors give. Next problem is the artwork. It's good, but the creator needs to find a sense of consistency. Even if the drawings aren't the best, at the very least it would show effort and heart put into this game. If you need an example look at a series called 'Adventure High.' I'm not promoting them in any sort of way, rather I'm giving an example of art style as before they had decent but clearly below average drawing skills. After they showed they were serious about their game, they boomed up in popularity and got a better artist on board, or commissioned drawings. What's even more painful is that this isn't an excuse either. The creator is getting paid over one-hundred dollars on Patreon for their work..and I find that really hard to believe that they would do THIS kind of gameplay for their players.

Look, Hentami you need to get your shit together. You're focusing much to on trying to shell out 'decent' games once a month instead of making GOOD games. You have a good idea with the hitman girl, and it's honestly something nice to see a perverted character with..well, character. Yet you're putting no effort into the idea and just leave it as a horrible visual novel.

I know making new games at a constant rate is beyond stressful and annoying with the budget you have, and I know it sounds like I'm trying to shit on your work JUST because it's bad, and I'm sorry for that but you need to hear this, Hentami. Your work WILL flop if you keep this up, and your games WILL die out if you continue to leave it in this state. You can't keep going on like this and just let all of this degrade away

I gave your V4 game a look and I'm beyond glad you put actual work into that instead of continuing on with this kind of lazy behavior. The VA in the V4 game did pretty well as well, and the writing acted and moved smoother than this. Yet as much praise for that game I want to give, it still needs tweaks and adjustments here and there. The artwork was consistent, which I'm beyond thankful for, and the writing has improved. Combat wise though it was lacking as it only offered six choices which all seemingly had no real effect on it, I'm not going to ride on that aspect as I could perhaps just looked over something or did something stupid on my part. Story and overall gameplay wise the game showed a lot more effort than this one. While it's not the best it's a decent start to hopefully something better.

Learn some better coding techniques, figure out your scripts and get the VA's to express themselves a bit more or find a better way to lead them on and get consistent artwork going. I noticed that in the V4 The Thousand Halls you picked out the same finishing sex scene as the one in here, and I'll let you know right now that is beyond lazy. If you take someone else's artwork, credit them or at the very least get their permission before you do this. Perhaps you already did and I'm just being an idiot again, and if so I apologize once more.

Hentami, please take this into consideration. Take your time making a good game, break your 'once a month rule' if you have to. Porn games aren't just about quantity but rather quality. Hell, you don't even /have/ to stop production for just a game either. Maybe you could make demos or semi-progressed games/visuals and continue to expand upon those every month or so with small updates.

Whatever your studio goes with, I truly do hope that you progress into something amazing and take this game as a stepping stone to improve yourselves. Goodluck.

The art made it seem like the illustrations were made by different people each of them since the main girl looked different on each of them. The voice acting was great, though. She carried this project, as some others wrote already. The spelling on the writing was bad enough to be distracting,

Game was clearly made by someone with little experience in anything, really. Art definitely wasn't his, and the dialogue on the bottom has had the worst grammar I've seen in a while.

VA really carries this one, and only barely. Doesn't bring it up to even half a star.

Stolen art with a Patreon, which means they are making money off someone else's work. Surprised there hasn't been a take down notice yet.

VA was pretty well done. Art was good too. all in all i liked it. keep up the good work!