Moonlanding Proof

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Please alow to load its big, also when you review let me know if the preloader works and this is proof the they never landed on the moon this is an outtake from the moonlanding movie they where making that took place in area 51 for more info check out www.moontruth.com for more facts and the mpg version


stupid stupid stupid

i did research, this is slow...and so are you for actually borrowing it from another website.


This proves nothing

Wasn't flash!!

This was not a flash cartoon. Newgrounds is a flash movie site. But it's good that you took the time to put in on the site. I found it cool. Keep up the good work and better luck next time!!

very odd...

i dont know what to think about the moon or the landing on it... your preloader sorta worked. it started loading the movie. then i stopped it and rewound it and saw a load bar. so it is there, but i didnt see it at first. i give it a zero. you didnt do anything but download a movie file into a flash project with a single color background. WAY TO SUCK!


I think there is every possibility that the first moonlandings were faked, but I doubt that this is the fake. It's a bit too obvious and clumsy and looks more like a TV scetch, than a moonlanding hoax.
The reason for making a hoax is, of course, that the Soviets were speeding in front of the US in the space race. The US have landed on the moon, but only after the Soviets, who believed they had been beaten in the race for the moon.
(Bows to crowd for brilliant explanation) Thankyou, thankyou!

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Nov 16, 2002
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