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Fernando and Gooseman are back with their first music video in almost 3 years. Unfortunately their circumstances have withered somewhat so to make this happen they had to mostly use existing footage.

My Bone is Strong on bandcamp: https://sexualobster.bandcamp.com/track/my-bone-is-strong

If you like my work and want to see more of it, consider becoming my patron: http://patreon.com/sexualobster

This song is a collab that grew out of Fernando's Amazing Podcast - Episode 2 - Milk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JevHUoCqwc


What substance is smoother than silk?
I have the answer: It is Milk!
Have a taste, it's not a sin,
Spread it all over your skin. - ShadowAkatora

Musk and sweat mix all together,
Beat it hard to make a batter - ShadowAkatora
While I pour stay very still,
This secretion must not spill. - Mr Melee

Feel the euphoria of it's taste,
Stirring pleasure in your waist. - Cumqwatz Cthulu
Taught like ropes on the harbour,
This liquid just makes me harder. - Jess R

Loving like seals in the shore,
We slam our bodies on the floor. - Jess R
White as chalk, smooth as butter,
Let me suck straight from the udder - James DuBois

OooooOoohhOoohhhooohhhOoohohohooooohhhhhh.... Milk - Gooseman

Creamy, sweet, from the farmlands,
Straight from a goat's own mammary glands. - Fernando Roman
It's white as snow and sweet as cream,
Come sample mine and live the dream. - User0768

Curds of why of yoghurt for days,
My love will come in every way. - Jess R
My nips are frozen, stiff as ice,
When your whip hits me twice. - FLUBER DUB

Sultry goats, steadfast friends,
Milk is more than just a trend. - PopsicleEmperor
So pleasant and warm, not a bit scary
Can I please drip this on your belly? - centaur900

Small, weak bones are your enemy,
My bone is strong cause I drink dairy - Poopenheimer
Now you know where my heart lies,
As I paint the moon upon your thighs. - Rick Liebe

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im gonna tell my grandkids that this was moist critical

i'm not gay but i wouldn't kick fernando out of my bed

fuck yeah man milk is one of the best drinks ever


Battle song of the skeleton army