The Legacy

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Love to you.


This game challenges players ability to follow instructions indefinitely and read whether he is expected to press x or c button. It is harder than it sounds because .. it is boring.

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This was an interesting game, to say the least. The music is a nice fit and for a simple game like this is was fairly fun. Although I do wish the challenges had been a little harder, minus trying to place your sword. Overall it's a decent game that I played two or three times. Good work

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Only one of your choices matter, and that's the go with the examiner choice. The other ones attempt to trick you into thinking the choices matter with logic and a few visual tricks. Think about it, when you were five you couldn't answer correctly! As a result, the parents said the same thing whatever you clicked. And I mean WHATEVER you clicked. The buttons are just images with no interactivity. Pressing x on any part of the screen results in an answer... the same answer. The challenges are a sham as well. You simply spam x for the punching parts, press x for the math parts, and you can't fail anything else either. When you open the gate you live forever. I got to 150 something years without death! When you plant the sword the orbs don't hurt you, and when you choose friends all but the blue one fades out before you can reach them! In conclusion... nice design, but not really a game.

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Not a great story. Makes life seem easy and not very eventful, then you die.

Wow! This was an amazing game! I first took the "Live a normal life" route and thought that that's pretty much all there is to the game, but after taking the Examiner route I was surprised by how long and interesting the game actually is. Very, very good job on this game, MrTedders, it's fantastic.

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3.48 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2017
9:10 PM EDT
Action - Other