Undyne x Anon

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Undertale, Undyne and "Dating Start!" belong to Toby Fox.

#Minor update:
Made the music fade in instead of punching you right in the gut.


Great animation keep up the good work

i don't know why but i can't image her as sexy after fighting her in the genocide route

Not bad but it's fairly run of the mill. The animation is fantastic and Undyne looks quite three-dimensional and she has some excellent facial animation, but this is really just a glorified gif with music. There are no sounds, one shot that isn't particularly interesting, no real build up, and the cum doesn't look much like cum.
Honestly, if you want my advice I would change the music to something more fitting and quieter. This isn't to say 'Dating Start!' is bad, in-fact it's one of my favorite tracks in Undertale, and I get it was a sly remark that this is a 'date', but it's very upbeat and quite gung-ho, I would suggest using a more atmospheric, relaxed, and possibly more acoustic variation of 'Dating Start!'.
I'd also add sound effects, the squirting of cum, the moans of Undyne, the grunting of the Anon, creaking of floorboards etc.
Speaking of floorboards there really should have been a better environment, right now I just get the impression that Undyne and the anon are bumpin' uglies, in an endless void made up of Undyne's wallpaper.
Also, it's a tad jarring we don't see Undyne's hands, you would think they'd be on the anon's chest. But good job none the less.

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Adorable facial animations! :D

that's a good looking fish.

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Jul 2, 2017
7:26 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody