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Omnichronic GCC vertical slice

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!UPDATE! Added contact information and stuff to the end. Also some noise just over middle c.

This is a vertical slice/demo that was made for Game Concept Challenge at the Creative Coast Festival 2017.

It is a slice of the followup to the earlier game "Omnichronic ep.0"
that was uploaded to Newgrounds in late 2016. The new episode is
currently being built from the ground up and this vertical slice was
only ment to convey the general "feel" and aesthetics of the game. It is
a slef-contained scenario and there are no story-elements from- or
spoilers for, the upcoming episode.

This is a Pre-pre-Alpha Demo/slice and is not representative of the final product It is extremely short (probably about <5 minutes of actual gameplay) and there is no sound implemented. It is uploaded for the enjoyment of those interested in the progression of the series.

Follow the continuing development on twitter! @jonasjvnilsson

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From the look of this slice, I think it may be an interesting game. But, why one had to attack a crying old viking? It's cruel. :/

Mammothtree responds:

Well they were tears of joy so atleast there's that ;)

Thank you for playing!

Ok, this was funny, and nicely drawn, but very short, even shorter then previous episode. I hope you do release an episode of proper length One thing of caution trough - this little piece was all about 4th wall breaking, which is ok, but 4th wall breaking gets old really fast. In an episode of proper length you should really use it in moderation.

Mammothtree responds:

Hey again MeGa-wise!

Thank you for playing! This is not really a proper episode but just a vertical slice crunched together for a competition which explains both it's very short length (was just ment to demonstrate the new engine) and the excessive 4th-wall breaking gags (did not want to spoil anything of the storyline for the next proper episode).
I uploaded it for fun and for getting some community feedback on the changes i'd done.

Anyway thank you very much for giving it a go :)

Ahhhhh.... So happy to see Omnichronic is still making progress. <3

Mammothtree responds:

Yes, progress is definetly being made. Working hard!
Thanks for playing! :)

I enjoy meta-comedy about video games as much as the next guy, but could we pretty please have something about the actual writing content of the game other than "Look at me being all ware of the fourth wall isn't it a grand old time".

To be honest I think I was rooting for the viking by the end of our fight to the death. Probably because nothing our protagonist mouth piece said made me like him as a character. Nice art though, smooth.

Mammothtree responds:

Thanks for giving it a go and i hear you, the narrative here is pretty lacking as i rushed it together as a stand alonge one-off kind of thing for a competition. I'm working hard on the real episode atm and i'm doing my best to improve all aspects including the story! Cheers!

By far when of my fav newgrounds game
I swear to god, i cant wait for more,Please make ep 2 faster then u made this xD
Ive been waiting alongggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg time

Mammothtree responds:

Thank you very much!
The full episode is still a ways off i'm afraid but I'm working hard and it will be worth the wait!