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This is a little platformer, your goal is to go on right and escape from the "cave".


Arrows : to move
Shift : to run
D : to shoot
S : to use shield (Once u killed the boss)
BackSpace : to reset
P : to pause

You can put in full screen with the button on down right.

Enjoy !

!!! Last Update 01/07/2017 !!!


this game has a lot of issues with it and i found a few to many bugs and the mechanics could have been explained better but the game was still fun to play and when i figured out what does what i had a fairly fun time.

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Wombart responds:

Yeah this is an old project, i just wanted to put it on the web even if it has big issues to show that it exist.

Thanks for playing !

You control a green square that can shoot green squares at blue squares to turn them into collectible blue discs. But I can't seem to do anything to get off the first platform - can't jump far enough and falling down at any angle resets the game. With no further instructions, I assume this game is either broken or unfinished.

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Wombart responds:

Oh god i forgot to put in the description that you can run with shift...
That's why you all can't jump over this

how dumb am i...

There are some big problems with your game.
- I am unable to make the jump across the gap, even when using the shooting ability as a small boost. There needs to be a double jump feature or include the ability to jump off of enemy's heads.
- I found an invisible wall on the left that I could jump over and, by falling down, I could get onto a closed off section of platform with a big heart. Depending on if I killed the enemy at the beginning, it will continuously spawn blue squares, one after another (the next one only appears when the one the heart spawns is killed) that can't hurt me.
- It is never explained what the blue light things that you get from killing enemies do.
- After dying/restarting enough times, the first blue enemy will stop coming after you. It will start coming after you if you get injured by it though.
- If you activate your shield and keep it on as you fall to your death, it will remain on when you spawn until you press the shield button again, which corrects this problem.
- The "Author Comments" section where you included a few of the controls doesn't say to use the arrow keys, doesn't tell you what the plot of the game is, doesn't tell you what the plot of the game is, what the goal of the player is, and, although it is clear from the loading screen, doesn't tell you what you used to make this game.
- In the place where the heart is, I found if I jump while up against a wall, unpredictable things happen, such as being launched in the opposite direction at various velocities and heights (much like the mechanic of wall jumping) or moving up the wall, as if I was walking up it. It was fun to play around with though I don't think you intended this to happen, correct?

I give you 2.5 stars because the shooting and shield mechanics do work and it looks like it could have been a fun game based on the small section I played that worked. I do wish you luck in your future in game design and I hope you'll make some changes to this game to allow for it to be beaten.

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Wombart responds:

Wow, first thanks to you for taking the time to write this reviews, i think you know how those reviews can help developers

i haven't mentioned it but this project was for a game jam

- You are supposed to jump over the yellow block (wich make you bounce)
- Yeah i didn't take the time to check all the invisible wall
- the blue light things are points (absolutely useless)
- The place with the heart is the cemetery for the enemies (you are not supposed to go there lol)
- I knew for the shield bug that stand activate but after trying an hour to fixed it, i stopped trying
- i didn't thinked about the controls that allow you to move (so obvious to me)

Anyway thanks a lot for the review.

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2.48 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2017
3:57 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other