SunglassesGuy Beat'em All

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Help SunglassesGuy to defeat all the bad guys in this exciting beat'em up game.

SunglassesGuy has only one live. Good luck!

* This is an old game I made in 2016. Have fun playing!

Controls: AWSD or ARROW KEYS to move, N or CTRL or SPACE to punch/grab item. You can also use the GAMEPAD. Now with TOUCH controls.

Music and SFX are from scirra/construct 2 freebundle.
* http://www.scirra.com/freebundle.zip

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This game has too simplistic gameplay, you should have added something that would make this more than attack button smashing. For instance you could have added a kick attack that is slower but has more range and damage so it is better against melee guys. Then you could have added knife throwing guys in stead of another melee guy who's projectiles to avoid and then beat up in close range with faster punch attack because kick allows them to have a time window to throw a knife but fast punches send them into hit recovery animation. And voila your game has manifold higher game play value, while still being simple.

Animation and sound also were simple but they were acceptable in a funny way, it's gameplay that buries this game.

Nice short little brawler game, in the vein of Final Fight or similar. Even has a car-beating scene between stages. Doesn't have the polish of a finished professional game, but for a quick little home-made game, it's not bad.

Notes for the dev:
I think #1 problem is that the gameplay is lackluster. There is no strategy. Just mash the attack button.
I think you could add more attacks and animations. Look at a game like TMNT arcade - all you do is mash the attack button, not much strategy, but they put in so many different attack animations so it doesn't get boring.
Enemies need a knock-out animation. Right now they just disappear when their health runs out.
Add some variety in enemies and their abilities - make some that can block, some that can do a charge attack, some that can do a jump attack, some that can throw knifes or rocks or whatever, etc.
No strategy for bosses either. They're just like regular enemies except they have more health. Give them some special moves or something.
With all these coins to collect, there should be a shop, to buy upgrades or weapons or something.
Why does the timer keep going after you beat the car? Shouldn't the stage just exit after you win?

nemezes responds:

Thanks for playing and for the review.

The game is home-made.. it is one of my first try to make a polish game.. it is hard to draw all the enemies, player and deal with all animations, that is why it has not a KO animation. Maybe someday I can make a sequel of the game and add more features like you said: jump, throwing knives, defense...

At the bonus stage, when the car is beat, the time goes on faster and it counts as bonus points, that is why the time keep going. ;)

Why did you port mobile to pc?

Don't say you didn't, I can see the mobile layout when I hold LMB.

Everything is so damn swingy, it's almost impossible to stay still when trying to fight someone, and on the off chance you do get to stay still; the enemy goes UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN.

I can see the inspiration from River City Ransom. But it worked better there since it wasn't made in use for mobile, and it wasn't incredibly swingy.

I like the throwback idea but it should of been worked a bit more on before release.

nemezes responds:

thanks for your review and for playing the SunglassesGuy game. :)

I did not port mobile to pc, the game was first made to pc, then I added the mobile touch buttons to be mobile friendly. on the "how to play" screen it says that it supports keyboard, onscreen controls and joysticks (gamepads).

my main inspiration was Final Fight, but my game has no jump. as it has no jump/fall animations action, I put the throwback movement.

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2.97 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2017
11:13 AM EDT
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