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Trumpy Game

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Trumpy Game lets you take control of President Trump and guide him through a series of daily routines (with hilarious consequences). It is the president’s inauguration and he must fully prepare in private for his big day – everything must go right and the public must love him!

During the game you can interact with people and help Trump make various decisions. How will the day unfold? Will Trump make the impact that he wants? Only you can decide! This game has some great humor and is a barrel of laughs.

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It's ok.

Boring... not enough to even call it a game...

trumpygame responds:

Boring? Boring? My poop is more exciting to be around than your whole personality!

But let's get serious for a second, this is Episode 1, a PREVIEW of my game, so don't get your panties in a twist! Speaking of panties, I have some Miss Universe contestants I need to have investigated.....personally.

Give me 5 stars or you're banned from the USA!


funny as all hell i really couldn't read for laughing :D

trumpygame responds:

I also can't read, it's so hard.

Who has time for reading anyway? Just LOSERS!!! Reading is for LOSERS, ban reading! We're gonna ban reading. Are you reading this? YOU'RE BANNED!

You're gonna love Episode 2, you're going to see more of me and my sweet Melanalania, watch me get crowned KING OF AMERICA and see what crazy guest pops up at the Inaugural ball!


What is with this udder disrespect for our president? I can't believe how many liberal pussies there are on this website...

trumpygame responds:

I'm not a pussy, YOU'RE THE PUSSY!

You punch me, I PUNCH YOU BACK!

Everyone knows I'm a COUNTER PUNCHER!

I'm so TREMENDOUS I can't even fit in my Spiderman underwear anymore!

You're banned, so banned. What city are you from? We're gonna ban it. We'll build a wall around it! We'll build it around your house! It will be so tall it will be TREMENDOUS!!