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Light Tomorrow 5 Points

Finish the game.

Sun Touch 5 Points

Touch the sun.

The Dark Side 5 Points

Enter the dark side.

Author Comments

This is our very first game. Therefore we wanted to create a short, small game for testing purposes. Even though we'd like to know about your opinion about the game idea.

“Light tomorrow with today.” ~Elizabeth Barrett Browning


If I give you 5 stars can you tell me how to get the achievements?

I understand that this is your first attempt at a game, but it is not very good. It is a test, and is is not ready to be submitted as a game. You should keep trying until you get it right. Practice makes perfect. Having at least one beta tester is also a great idea.

The medals work, and I earned them all.


The only reason for this are the achievements.

Xhilizars responds:

Atleast you could profit somehow of this piece of crap.

@playerdude is right you need to put time and effort into your games and you did just half-ass this.

And don't get mad at him because his constructive criticism wasn't what you wanted to hear. It was constructive criticism. Maybe you did put the time into the game but you certainly didn't put in the effort.

And really it took you 4 years to learn how to make a game like ... this? Do something more productive with your time. Game-making is not for you. Sorry it took you 4 years to learn that the hard way. This really is something that could be slapped together in a couple of hours tops by almost anyone, and that's being generous.

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Xhilizars responds:

Well, atleast you showed me that putting effort in answering comments is worthless. I definetly did not waste even one full hour on this. Just wanted to say that I think this is crap too. It is just a test and I've got a good reason for uploading crap. In this point you can just trust me or not.

You should be careful with saying 'is not for you' to someone who you don't know. There are probably many people out there who will be destroyed by things like that.

I would say thank you for you comment, but I am really not thankful for this.

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Credits & Info

1.52 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2017
5:24 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other