Tenant Harem Beta

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Beta demo! Not complete at all but playable.

In this release there are 2 bad ends, 1 good end and 1 special event.
I think it is very easy to win, there should not be any difficulty at the moment.
This is mostly the same gameplay as Chibi Stepsister Corruptor.

Now I'm going to add more special events, the new gameplay, upgrade the graphics and add more animations.

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Read the title and was like MAN this is going to be a bad ass game... I failed for online shopping training... wtf

I have finished the game with all endings. Just for clarifications sake you guys need to fully corrupt the mother, Gloria until she is 100 Corrupt to unlock that ending. For the special ending... Well I basically just told you. I love the animations. I hope you fix the game up. One time the game froze when I was in an animation with one of the girls. I couldn't click anything or exit out of the screen. I can't wait to see what more you implement in the game, the dance, anal, paizuri, repair, and many other stats in the girls stats screens. I hope you use more than 1 picture for all girls. Maybe make some more special events like making 1 tenant help seduce another or help do your corrupting work for you, meanwhile recording them so you get blackmail on both of them. I think the Corrupt stat should stop at 100, maybe that's making people think that they should keep focusing on 1 girl instead of branching out. Make the game so you can add camera air fresheners to the 3 lower rooms in the tenant building. Also, once you fully corrupt the mother you can't blackmail the step sister anymore, only the mother and tenants. Please fix that. I am guessing that the Step mother and sister incest option is coming in the fully developed game so I can't wait for that. Also, your last game which involves blackmailing the step sister didn't have the option to disable the pictures so the player could look at the sex animations, maybe think about adding that as an option. You could add a customization option to all the tenants. Skin color, bust size (Many options please), ass size (Look in last parentheses), how they dress, and maybe a difficulty option for each tenant. Who knows maybe people Walt that game harder. I'm a player who loves many options, animations, actions, and mechanics. Also, if you add the ability to customize the tenants you should think about finding more pictures, wouldn't be that fun if you see the same picture when the girls are nothing like them. On the idea of getting girls to help seduce and blackmail other girls, you could give that ability to the step sister right off hand since she is already full corrupt. It could be a great way to introduce the new game mechanic. Then once you fully corrupt another girl you can introduce the mechanic of threesomes by selecting a girl then clicking an option that brings up available girls who have blackmail enough to commit the action and are corrupt enough. Just some ideas to your great game. I look forward to it's full development. Keep up the great work!

for that ones who tinks there is a bug whit the cleaness, just press on the exit word next to the house and clean the other building

Many seem to be confused: this game is a beta and it's a sequel. It's not hard if you've played the first one, on the contrary.
However, I'm still no fan of the change in graphics. Also, there are bugs which have been mentionned (to be expected in a beta). Keep up the good work!

It is a nice little game, I liked the cut scene once you get the stepmom corrupted.
Though I did find a bit of a bug... If you ask a tenant for a blowjob while the lights are out (in the middle of the day), the game freezes so nothing is clickable.

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2.26 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2017
8:00 AM EDT
Simulation - Other