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thanks for letting me share this


It's quite rare to see a "dress-up" game that actually treats the player to multiple different limb poses in its options. It does run pretty poorly, even on higher-end systems, but with the suggestions of other commenters more well-versed in Flash than I, I'm sure the performance can be improved significantly. Throw in a few more fetish outfits, hairstyles and maybe some additional accessories and toys, and you might be onto something amazing here.

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Nice try, few things bothered me, besides the slow response, you can see the "joints" in the animation where the different body parts connect (top of the breast, the curve of the belly, the bottom of the neck, the back of her left shoulder and the front of her right shoulder.) her movement seems a bit... excessive. it almost seems like she is treading water with waves and he body is just kinda being forced to move that way. the quality is a bit low, but if it wasn't running smoothly at this would be less so at high resolutions.

Now the things I liked about it. The options where good and offered a lot of variations, and there is some solid ground work here.

Tips: Make the body a single moving part, animate the movements as small loops so the flash will run better, you can still animate them as individual twines, but when adding them to the finished product make them set movements, when the player changes something is shows a loop of the women with just that part changed but still a single moving peace, so set a base movement for the different leg positions types and change the items of movements around those body types. also try and stand in the position you try and animate in front of a mirror and see how your body naturally moves.

There are a few more tips I could offer, but this post is all ready long winded. So good luck on all your future endeavors.

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creativename56 responds:

thank you SO MUCH, your feedback is totally invaluable

Good... However the game's response is slow.

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creativename56 responds:

yes I absolutely agree, thank you!!

Not too bad! Here are some issues: The eyes and eyebrows look pretty strange, and the haircut options aren't very attractive (it's also a bit strange that the haircut on the "chibi" version isn't an option). Her shoulders and neck are bent in a way that humans don't bend. It also kind of looks like an image being distorted into positions instead of traditional animation, which makes it look very low quality (this isn't fixed when changed to high quality). Since you have it default to low quality, everything also looks rather "sharp". The background could also have more effort put into it - the gradients seem random instead of following lighting and it cuts off on the bottom left side.
Overall it's a good try, and I look forward to seeing improvements!

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creativename56 responds:

thank you, these are such excellent points, I'll seriously work toward these things next time! haha I can't believe you mentioned that thing about the background, however you are 100% right and it is slipshod as fuck! thanks again

I see some nice potential, I think menus instead of going through each option would be better.

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creativename56 responds:

a menu would be so much better, thank you so much!! your review and the others I got are just totally awesome

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Jun 27, 2017
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