Road Of Heroes

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Join the team of bounty hunters in their adventure in the fantasy world. Explore new lands, kill monsters and bosses and loot them! Hire new heroes, update and equip them to have the best team around.

Want even more loot? Complete Missions and take part in Quests for extra gold and items.

Good luck, adventurer!

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The game was decent

So this was decent the game was kind of fun should be more classified as an adventure game but overall this was pretty cool it has some high and low points I really liked the game for what it was it was entertaining and fun and not sure what I would really change about this as it was pretty good

No changes it's a great stand alone game


I love the game , no matter what the haters say , I think it has terrific graphics and concept art more refined and smoother than Band of heroes , the levels are great and the play-style is kinda frustrating and addictive at the same time . I know weird combination but that's how it felt for me at first , there is kinda a grindy feel to it , all the more reason that made me play it more.
There was an issues sometimes where the Start button for quests and missions , also the Equip item button , they would all stop working for no reason, while everything else is fine. I would have to refresh the page again to fix , which was annoying for me. Other than that I very much enjoyed this game.

Unlike others I like it better than band of heroes! :)

It has more levels, has a steeper difficulty (band of heroes felt too easy) and the meta-game of training up multiple parties is very nice! That is what makes this game replayable, while band of heroes is over much faster.

The best party imho has a thief leader (for the fast shooting ability, the arrows part of the power ability does not even matter compared to that awesome fast shooting!) with two ninjas on the side, all with 5 shooting of course.

A few things that could be improved are:
*) add NG medals
*) obtain items as drops in levels rather than chests and "premium currencies"
*) it's annoying that there is a mission to upgrade weapons because that makes you want to wait with upgrading weapons til there are such missions
*) scrolling of your heroes in items panel is supper slow
*) the missions "no equipment" are annoying because removing/adding equipment is so tedious
*) the quests could be taken further, requiring you to raise more parties to level 15
*) the wizard classes are very bad compared to the other classes. Their lightning should not have a distance limit, make wizards useful in parties with other classes by giving them the same range (infinite). Not only is it limited range but it shoots at such low rate that whenever you're close to someone the wizard happens to not shoot anyway, and by then the monster is long dead by a much more awesome ninja. The wizard special abilities suck. Just look at their ability, and the much more awesome abilities of the thief (faster shooting for everyone) and druids (5 of those wolves/snakes is amazing, and permaheal for everyone). Wizards ability? a lame shot, move a bit faster or heal only self not even whole party...

What is wrong with you? Your other game, "Band of Heroes", is really great. It has good story, unique characters, newgrounds medals and nice character upgrade system.
And what we have here? Lootboxes (sorry, loot chests) and ability to have 3 same characters in team and idle quests. Why would you put such things in vertical shooter?
Don't get me wrong, i liked weapon upgrades and missions (they still could be done better) and the game is still better then many other newgrounds games. Still I rather replay "Band of Heroes" or "Road of Fury".
P.S. This game hasn't been developed by same people, who developed "Band of Heroes", has it?

Love the game. Beat the game. Need new levels.

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3.59 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2017
5:58 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight
  • Daily 5th Place June 28, 2017