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Chromatic is an interactive grid based puzzle game in which the player uses pipes and machines to manipulate color. You are given a selection of tools and tiles, and can use them however you want to solve the puzzle. Difficulty ranges from easy puzzles to challenging five by five monstrosities. There are one hundred and twelve puzzles included for you to try your luck on. Enjoy!

Click and drag pipes to place them. Drag the blank tile to remove any pipe. Click on tiles to rotate them. When you think you find a solution, click the green play button to let the color flow.

If you are playing from a different browser or computer, and want to skip to a certain puzzle, use the save ID: "sandbox". It will unlock all puzzles for your enjoyment. For real hardcore people, try and complete all 112 puzzles! Finally: if you ever want to delete your save game, use the save ID: "reset". Simple as that.

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I wish you could see what colour the colour mixes would turn into BEFORE having to devote an entire connected map just to realize you got the wrong colours in the wrong areas.

Not a bad game. I found it enjoyable at first, then I got to the pressure levels.
I know it's just a game, but... If you run for example, 2 reds into a single pipe it bursts from the pressure, but if you run a red + orange(red+yellow) it's fine, unless you try to separate out the yellow, then the pipe bursts. :(
Honestly the pressure should have to be changed with every action to be realistic. Not that I would expect that.

Also having level #s would kinda be nice.

Other than that what I played of it was fun.

its a good game, but its a little broken... youre hint on the 4 level of the 2nd set of levels tells you the down arrow is the depressurizer, but ive tried every iteration of depressurization and every time it hits the first one, it stops there and says ive failed

alcatrazEscapee responds:

So that level is possible (I just tested it). One thing you might be missing is you have to label each pipe with the respective pressure (using the /\ and \/ labels). You also have to use the labels more than once (One time changes it from 1 to 2 pressure, the next time changes it from 2 to 3, etc.)

If I'm not making sense, I've uploaded an image of what the completed puzzle looks like to my website. (www.alcatrazescapee.com/dark/chromatic_4_2.png)

PM me if I'm explaining it badly / not understanding what the issue is.


i really don't know how the pressure thing works

but it's a good game anyway

alcatrazEscapee responds:

I can try to explain pressure. I realize that it is a bit of a complicated system, but it allows for so much more complexity and difficulty in the later puzzles.

Basically, if you mix two of the same color together using the pressurizer, you get a higher pressure color. (Red + Red = 2 Red) You can do the same with the depressurizer, but in reverse. (3 Green = 2 Green + Green)

Functionally, you have to label pipes as different pressures by using the two pressure labels (otherwise it is impossible to ascertain by looking what pressure a pipe is)

Finally: you cannot mix and separate colors while they are pressurized. For instance: 2 Purple has to first be split into Purple + Purple, which then each has to be split into Red + Blue + Red + Blue, then it can be combined into 2 Red + 2 Blue.

Thank you so much for the music mute button. At first, it was lovely and reminded me of the "Blockhead" series; as the puzzle difficulty ramped up, though, it became like nails on a chalkboard. This was more due to my state of mind than anything related to the music, per se.

This game strikes me as a really good way to teach children--or even adults!--the basics of computer programming.

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3.39 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2017
11:08 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other