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The Couch (Sample Demo)

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Update 4/17/2018: Public builds of the new version start in two weeks! Because this is a completely different game, the update will come separate from this game. So keep an eye out for that!

Update 2/26/2018: Hey guys, expect a new version soon, but if you want to see the latest improvements to The Couch check out our devstreams every saturday!


We're on track to release the completely remade project with the new gameplay in a month or two. For now only patron supporters are getting builds until we feel we're ready for a public build. Look forward to it and thanks for your support!


Update 7/5/2017: I've updated this build to remove post processing, this should resolve issues with Safari.
This a small demo to build support for the full development of the game, which will include a wide range of additional scenes, story, and a improved animation system to allow for more variety.

In short, what is here is a small sample of what we're capable of as a team.

Support this game and more on Patreon:

Download the full high res version on itch.io


On the couch before you is a cute but dishonest girl. In the full game you'll work your way through a short conversation to unlock paintbrush-style animated scenes with a wide range of interactive options and multiple endings based on your dialog and interaction choices.

/// Note To sacb0y

Dear sacb0y,

WTF... why is my couch in this game? I can't sell it on craigslist if it's obviously covered in stains...

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I sure hope this game hasn't been abandoned

momoirosoft responds:

New release in two weeks :D

Complete revamp with core Game play implemented :3


Artwork and Voice are on point, if this was a demo I can't wait for the full version and to see more of your work, all the best

momoirosoft responds:

Public builds for the new version start at the end of this month! :D

Also thank you!

Love the art work, as well as the voice! i hope to see this update and continue to be supported!

momoirosoft responds:

Thank you! Update is coming soon, for now we're only releasing builds to supporters until I feel we're ready for a public release. Then those will have regular updates both for download and here on newgrounds.

You'll see new and improved art, lots of hsim gameplay, new music, and more voice work! Feel free to check out devstreams every Saturday on picarto so you can see progress!



Game has potential. Nice and original art style!

momoirosoft responds:

Thanks, the newest version has VASTLY better art, so look forward to that in a month or two with the "Gameplay release"


I'm going to be fair and balanced in this review.

Good god the art style its fresh its new I LOVE IT!!!!!! I'm honestly tired of seeing the same old thing of hey here is this girl she has perfect lighting and perfectly tanned skin. This girl has freckles and so many little details inside of it. The other thing is the animation by far one of the most realistic ones I've seen on newgrounds, I love that she doesn't look like a gif animation loop like so many on this website. Not that I have anything against that sort of thing but I like realism.

While only being a test project I can tell you put a lot of work into this. The interface could use a little instruction and while you're probably working on it I would like options of choosing where to cum and or fuck. Oh and just a note for sound design if you do have her sucking dick in the future don't make the mistake someone else did and use the same sound you use for fucking. Sorry but if you make a sucking dick animation the sound should match up lol.

All in all great great great job 5 stars you really deserve it.

Little confusing on the interface at first but I understand its a

momoirosoft responds:

Thanks for the the review :D

Expect a revamp of the UI next release which will have proper gameplay and improved cleaner art. I may also include a small tutorial to access from the title screen to help with instruction.

And while sound beyond voice acting isn't a high priority yet due to budget, I have the same mentality you do in that area.

Thanks again and look forward to more :D