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Maximum Damage

rated 2.62 / 5 stars
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Action - Fighting - Brawler

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Jun 25, 2017 | 5:11 AM EDT

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Author Comments

90's style ui,
arcade experience,
and button smashing.
if you like all three of these then maximum damage is definitely for you . its hand painted graphics will take you to a world of fantasy china where an incident occurred.
beat the world out of the enemies and score by dealing maximum damage.find items to survive.

game instructions
start game
choose your character
press help for button instruction or :-
Press (GO) button to go different places.
Press (SEE) to see whats in the place.
Press (Hit) if you find any enemy.
smash (Hit) insanely to deal maximum damage.
or Press(RUN) to run away from enemy

each enemy you kill will give you score ,each item you find will give either life or points or Damage.

want to restart?, press the button (RESTART).

At last check out how much you killed and scored.



Rated 2 / 5 stars

A good core to build on - though it does need more variety and in particular a way to guage what the relative threat of each encounter is. With a few choices along the way to add variety rather than simple "You get X", and maybe additional attack methods to add some depth you could have something neat here.

I will also echo the comments that the initial font is illegible - fixing that and having a longer loop for the soundtrack should be high on your list. Graphically pretty good, though the UI doesn't hold up to the rest of the art.

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Cubenom responds:

Thank you very much for your review, i really appreciate it.I will improve this foundation also with your helpful advice and the things you pointed ,Yes i will change the font or make it more readable and i m learning the sound part also will comeback with some good ones.thank you for your appreciation on graphics and will improve UI.hope to hear from you again.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Im not going to add more complaint to what already there... but you have a solid foundation here...

Should go watch youtube gametheory the guys over there do plenty of explaining game development and mindset.

I know i havent created any game but the fundamental should be backstory and why are we in this world... to what purpose should we win/lose. What is the end goal what are we achieving in playing this.

Like i see that we are a fighter going around and robing places and beating up monster n shit. To increase score...

Try to create a backstory of why we should believe in the character that we are playing as...And also give us a sense of place to check...It would be pretty cool if you were able to make a Double dragon game.

If you haven't already look into getting hands on a game engine either that Unity/Ue4/ or Construct 3 they all should be the best for ya.

If you need help i can try to help ya out. But im really interested in the game that you have developed so far and I can see it getting better from here.

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Cubenom responds:

thank you for your comment and i really appreciate your advice,it is really helpful for me to cone up the direction ,you got everything right there about the purpose of the game .i will create a detailed backstory in my upcoming game of same genre.

i would love to make a double dragon game but by saying you mean that in this genre a double dragon game kinda really cool idea thanks for inspiration.

i have ,looked into the gaming engines this game was created on an outdated engine though, i will choose unity for my further games

and thank you for your help still learning and will improve the game in upcoming weeks thank you for your long term vision. hope to hear from you again.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Honestly, I can't do better than this, but I dont understand what to do after you do all of that. Sorry, and the font, make it readable for others.

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Cubenom responds:

sorry for your bad experience with the game i was mainly focused on creating scores will do better next time and fonts yes i will change them in my next games. the point of this game was to score and give some one else to beat it though game doesn't record the previous record .about the challenge android version was a lil harder so i thought decreasing the taps for old rage joe and bloody octo marry will help but no .anywas thank you so much for your time really appreciate your comment.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Not a very good game... The font is pretty much unreadable. The game itself (after you select a character) consists of clicking the GO and SEE buttons over and over until you get to a monster, then clicking HIT until it is defeated. Then you go back to clicking GO and SEE.
I don't see the point or the challenge of this game.

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Cubenom responds:

thank you for your time and sorry for your bad experience ,My whole point of creating this game was to go and search for items later on didn't realize that gives a boring experience on pc there is android version also if it might interest you.but nonetheless i appreciate your time and your critics thank you.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

this is very badly made... its not clear what needs to be done.. the choice is font... honestly... its poop... unreadable... i have no idea what to do... you need to improvise on the presentation and UI and..please... FONTS!!! T_T

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Cubenom responds:

first of all sorry for your bad experience and thank you for your suggestions it was very helpfull .i will do better next time .and ofcourse the fonts .

(p.s- i was inspired by the phoenix wright's font so created these my self from scratch tried first time will make them readable next time thank you for your time).