The Forest Mirror

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Explore the forest, taking advantage of its shifted underworld with reversed gravity, and restore the fairies to their home.

*UPDATE* I have optimized the game as much as I could, and I hope that it runs smoothly now, thank you for your patience, I wasn't expecting this much attention.

For a smoother experience, the downloadable version should run at a steady 60 frames per second:


Beautiful game, but needs some fixes mentioned by many others here. Very beautiful concept and style, a very worthy game.

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JosephMoonGolf responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you liked the look of the game, as I am less confident in this area. I hope that the update I have released will fix some of the problems people have had.

A good concept and good level design. It would be a fun game to play if it wasn't for how slow (as in low frame rate) it plays out. Also, over half the game play time is just in back-tracking to take the fairies back to the tree.
And why oh why for the love of god could I not get more than 1 fairy at a time to follow me back? The game forces me to take each fairy back, one at a time, for a lot of unnecessary back-tracking. If I don't hit the torches on the way back then I can kill myself after delivering the fairy to cut down the back-tracking, but then that bumps my death count.
Lastly, there is no status indicators - no counts for fairies, diamonds, deaths, or even hit points.

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JosephMoonGolf responds:

Thank you for your feedback! I'm very sorry that you found the game tedious in some places, I myself was worried about the backtracking after each fairy, but hoped people might find it a fun rush to run back to the tree, and I understand that the low framerate may have counteracted that idea. Hopefully the update I have released will steady out the framerate, and therefore make the backtracking better to deal with. As for indication on progress, I liked the idea that the tree would display your fairy count, and that the gatekeeper would display your diamonds, so I ultimately decided against counters for these, similarly with hitpoints, I wanted a consistent theme of the player managing the information, but I am sorry you found this inconvenient, and I will take your feedback into future projects.

Cool platformer

JosephMoonGolf responds:

Thank you!

Nice game.
Just the last fairy seems unreachable with normal means as you lose altitude during each swap between normal realm and dark realm.
Therefore I had to use a little trick:
You die only after three enemy contacts and during each contact the player is catapulted into the opposite direction you come from.
So I lured the next bat close to the last fairy's location and then jumped into the bat from below.
This resulted in me being shot high enough to reach the last fairy.

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JosephMoonGolf responds:

Thank you for playing! I'm very glad you could find your own way to play the game, I hope that made it a little more fun for you :)

Awsome game but it´s so slow, can you correct it? and wahat software you use?

JosephMoonGolf responds:

Thank you for playing! I have updated the game and hope that this fixes any lag you were having. As for the software, pixel art was designed in Pyxel Edit, and the game was programmed in GameMaker: Studio.

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3.34 / 5.00

Jun 24, 2017
7:53 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle