Temple of Impalement

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You are a renowned explorer who has discovered a mysterious temple filled with shiny gems and deadly traps. You must navigate through the narrow corridors on your way to find the legendary Idol of Power.

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I feel like the things that make this obviously a pretty tricky phone game are making for a less than impressive computer game. Maybe change it to mouse control for non phone players, bring back the need for a steady hand.

Very fun little game. Crawling ancient temples for treasure is always fun and this was executed flawlessly.
Game is easy if you just want to complete it and moderately challenging if you want to collect all the stars.
Game is not long enough to get 5 stars but 4 stars is solid.

I found the secret lizard! Spoiler below:

Art djinn welcome hug the secret lizard is not in second half of game column hat coat purple.

Spoiler end.

Very fine game.

Solid, short game. Controls were responsive, game didn't overstay premise, you could take it slow or do speed strats, there was some challenge to get three stars though not much. Was enjoyable to go back to get all stars and achievements.

very nice, no found glitches. a fun game!

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3.09 / 5.00

Jun 24, 2017
5:37 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid