Fidget Spinner Zombie War

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Zombies are invading your neighbourhood. Luckily there is plentiful supply of fidget hand spinners and you are ready to take them on. Have fun with this delightful spinner fights zombies game. Every zombie you stop will earn you coins. These coins will entitle you to use more spinners against the zombies. You will also get plenty of bonus coins to collect. See how many levels you can go.


*** 40 suspenseful fun levels
*** Easy to play
*** BONUS: Collect the surprise bonus coins

1. Select a spinner on top
2. Click a location in the field to plant the spinner to block the path of the zombies

F for full screen. ESC to cancel full screen

Playable on mobile too.

Created with Construct2 but can also be opened in Construct3.
I have made the source code available. Just click on the GetSourceCode Button in the first page that loads.

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memes with zombies everyone very bad memes with very bad zombies its basically the last game you made commandos vs zombies but somehow even worse than that one was this just uses gif images of some spinners which i have seen in other flash games already so stolen and or borrowed asset

Pretty similiar to Plants vs Zombies and okay game,but it could be better if there was more zombies,not to try move another "spinner" while collecting the bonus coin and needs some music.

Pretty solid game

it's alright at first. It's fun but the game is just too simple. More variety in the spinners would make this game great. Have the strongest one slide up and down in a column making timing important and a bit of chance that the zombie could get past it. You could have one that makes a zombie spin on top of it for a few seconds stopping them for a moment, I'd still have the purple be the same just low damage goes away right away; and one that spits out pellets from it's points every so many seconds would be cool. There's tons of stuff you could do, and more variety in the zombies would be nice. Make some weak fast ones, some heavy slow ones, have some with a shield that lets them bash through 2-3 spinners without damage. It's a good start but just having slightly different damage amount spinners, and the only variation in zombies being their health isn't fun for long. Also programming only the required amount of zombies needed to kill to win come out for each mission would be nice. It just doesn't feel like you accomplished anything when it says you won and there's still zombies on the screen. I'm not trying to give you a hard time like I said it's a decent game as it is; but you have a lot of room for improvement. I hope you take my criticism as constructive and not offensive

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2.20 / 5.00

Jun 24, 2017
3:21 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)