Kinetic Chronicle, platformer yuri Hentai game.

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Version NG02 update

-Remove prerun and break moment of Feley make her move reach her max speed faster.
-BGM change.
-Menu text change to be more user friendly.
-Add continue menu to go to the last checkpoint, so player don't have to startover when replay the game.
-Teria damage nerf.
-Teria stunlock combo fix.
-Teria rollin stone hit box smaller.
-According to the kick combo add, you can kick the boss now.

Since boss may be a bit hard in this version, I put up a video as a guide. https://youtu.be/QNeuRJNKz60

Hope it would help you fighting her... ,And don't hate me please TwT.

If you found any bug please provide me details so I could fix it.
Or if you don't mind you can come to told me in my discord.

Hello every one.
Here is the project I'm working on.
Kinetic Chronicle an action platformer hentai game. About a young treasure hunter Feley Fatalis who process with telekinetic power. On her quest to find a legendary treasure.

This game is made on flash AS3 and Newgrounds is like a kingdom of flash right?
So, this is special demo version exclusive for Newgrounds. XD
Which close to the 0.12 version of the game.

The game is at 97 mb, I try to lower the size so it can stay within Newgrounds 100 mb cap.

The game may keep loading for a little while after the load bar is filled.


<-*=* Control *=*->

W A S D or Arrow keys - move.
Left click - kick/Attack
Hold right mouse button to charge and release to shot.
Click and drag on object to control it and drag it around.
Move your mouse over the small rocks to collect them.
Shake your mouse right to left to break free from grasp, and get yourself up when down.


3 difficulty able to select in the "System modification" in the menu. (basicly it's the game option.)

Anyways the japanese version and the fullscreen option not work on this version.

The "Let's skip to." menu also still not work, it is for when the game got more stage.

This game eat pretty much memory so if you find it laggy, you can try lower quality (it's flash after all) or try the desktop version.

You can find the desktop version of the game in my patreon page


Also you can come to say hello in my discord Channel.

I will to create a Feley bot after finish the version 0.21 of the game.


If you found any bug feel free to comment or tell me in discord I will fix it asap ^_^

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Top notch. Cool concept good game, great music.

Great Work! It's been some time since I have come across a challenging and innovative game, a platformer no less. The boss was especially fun. I was so into it I was really dissapointed to find out that it was just a demo.


I'm not sure if it was intentional or not but even though I died more than I expected, I never ran out of lives. I was expecting there to be some sort of counter before I had to start over. i could be wrong.

Thanks for the Great game!

mikysofts responds:

Thank you, I still working on the game. Currently at around 70% so far.

About the counter in the truth, there is counter on the top of the health bar, which you will have to start over if you run out of it, but since many people complain that the game is hard so I remove it for now.(technically I just add 999 live count to the variable.) I willput it back when the game is finish. ^w^

I'm glad to see platformers in this genre coming back, but this game has a couple of problems.

The biggest problem for me was a glitch. Every time I would throw a rock, I would be unable to use the WASD or arrow keys to move. I would just be stuck standing still. So I played the whole game without using the throw ability. It would really sucked when I accidentally used the throw ability cause the only way I could fix it was to restart the game!

I am using the latest version of Firefox, I made sure to check if maybe an update would fix this but nope, already using the latest version. (60.0.1 (64-bit))

This glitch made the boss pretty damn hard. Eventually I gave up when I accidentally used the ability, lost, and then was unable to challenge the boss again because I couldn't walk forwards to talk to them.

Another thing... No pause button? Am I missing something or is there no pause button?

I know I sound like I'm complaining a lot, but I really do hope to see this game develop further. This has potential.

mikysofts responds:

If firefox bug happen you can click on something outside the game scene(highlight some text work well) then click in the game scene again to continue playing.

Thank you, the game got a problem with the new version of firefox currently, and seem like we cannot fix it from out side. You can try the desktop version in our patreon page. Don't worry version 0.13 is free to download, or you can use E key to shoot instead of right click too.

And pause button is the enter key, but it not work when the bug happen since all key are disable by browser. TwT

I think the game is good as it is.

If you compare it to megaman, yes it is slower, but you're making your own game not megaman right?

Monster hunter and Dark Soul also slower than other games too, but still effective.

For the boss, I don't watch your video since I want beat her by myself, She is hard for me at first(Maybe since I didn't notice her attack able to charge on my first play.) But, I beat her in 3rd try after I manage to read her pattern.

But, there is still a thing that I want it faster a little. It is her lifting speed when she move the rock. I guess to make it slow, since you want the rock to feel heavy, but imagine if it is fast, and you let her use this ability during the boss fight. I think it would be interesting.

Here are some tips for the slime.
1. Slime may spawn a lots, but it do move very slow, you don't have to kill all of them to move the rock.
2. If you close the door after you pass(Just lift the rock off), it help a lot in reduce the slime number.

Just before you decide to change a thing... please notice there are also people who like it as currently be too.

mikysofts responds:

Thank you, and don't worry I have to think carefully, before I make any change to the game too. ^w^

I'll thinking about her telekinetic speed. In the truth I make it pretty slow to limit the high that she can lift thing, but in the end seem like I didn't use that kind of puzzle much. = ='

Everything the character can do — walk, jump, kick, throw, levitate — is far too slow.

This means:
* the environments are boring (because it takes too long to get anywhere);
* the slime-corridor is both too tedious and too difficult (because the slime population can't be culled quickly enough, and because the block takes such a long time to move)
* the boss is simply impossible for most of us (because Megaman-style bosses expect Megaman-tier responsiveness).

Even if you insist on maintaining the boss's current difficulty (although I agree with other commenters that the difficulty level is completely inappropriate for the first boss of the game) it would almost certainly be better to speed the boss up along with the player character.

Unrelatedly, I also find that the pseudo-3D art style makes it very difficult to judge whether a gap is jumpable.

mikysofts responds:

Thank you for your suggestion. ^_^ First of all, I'm wondering if game speed that you found slow is really the speed of the game, or the framerate is low in your browser. Could you take a look the gameplay video(Maybe the boss fight video.) and compare it to the speed you play, and confirm this to me a little.

Anyways I agree that Teria is pretty hard for a first boss of the game.
So, I already made the stage 0 of the game which would release here later, so this stage is technically the second stage of the game now. ^w^

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3.01 / 5.00

Jun 24, 2017
12:03 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle