Nightmare Crusade - Episode 2: Home

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Norman's adventure continues as he takes a trip down memory lane by returning back to his old home in the castle. But he is stalked by bad memories and a more darker presence...

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Cool cool, I like it a lot. It's well written, it's funny, the animation is good.
There are some problems with it though that I would like to see fixed up in future episodes (that I will certainly be watching!)
First off, the voice acting is good enough, but they aren't equalized in terms of volume. Some people are just downright notably quieter or louder than the others, and some times even the same characters' voices will get louder or quieter (the king does this). It shouldn't be all too difficult to fix that by just editing the audio files, and mastering all of them together so they are the same volume. Another pretty big issue i have with this is the sound effects and music are so choppy. You start and stop sound effects and songs without any fading whatsoever. Some simple fading in and out on the sounds would improve this animation by quite a lot. Out of curiosity, do you make the music or use public domain stuff?

I really do like it a lot, it's a good cartoon and got me to laugh several times, plus I dig the story. Looking forward to seeing more, well done!

MasterCyconide responds:

Thank you for watching and leaving a review!
To answer your question, the music is made by Myuuji and Caladan Brood, who allow people to use their music as long as credit is given. (I still asked Myuuji anyway, and he said I could use his music but I couldn't get in contact with Caladan Brood.) As for the title theme, it was crappily made by me.


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3.33 / 5.00

Jun 23, 2017
4:53 PM EDT
Comedy - Original