Math Smashers

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Droid 25 Points

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Ghost 25 Points

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Teleporter 25 Points

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Wizard 25 Points

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Plane 50 Points

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Spaceship 50 Points

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Tank 50 Points

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Turret 50 Points

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Deity 100 Points

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Author Comments

Challenge both your dexterity and your mental calculation skills with this game!

Each level is made of bubbles floating around. Each bubble holds a number. You play as a "Smasher", a soldier equipped with a grappling hook. Using this weapon, you’ll have to smash bubbles together: their numbers will then add up. Smash bubbles so their numbers match the goal number displayed on top of the screen to earn points! But beware, if your soldier get hit by a bubble, he’ll explode!

The game offers a selection of 10 "Smashers" to play with. Each Smasher comes with a different gameplay style: ground infantry - quick but fragile; Tank - though but hard to drive; Plane - a vehicle that can’t stop moving forward; etc.

The game is also freely available on mobile:



If you like the game, you can support it by making a donation while downloading the offline PC destkop version here:



For many of you, school starts again and it's time to review your mental calculation skills.

So here is a gameplay update with several improvements:
- Shooting again on a Ball that you've captured will now release it (no more "undesired" Ball capture).
- Your earned coins will be saved even if you quit the game before game over (use the pause-menu).
- Balls will no longer be spawned one over each other.
- The victory animation is now shorter (and you can skip it).
- Corrected a bug that could lead to a single "unsmashable" Ball to be spawned.
- Corrected a bug where the Soldier smasher was walking "upside down" when starting a new level.

Thanks to all of you for your incredible support and feedback that helped improve the game!


Brainless game. Pretty much nothing to do with math.

glad it uses the brain to win!..

If you're linking numbers that you don't want, then make sure you aim your gun were there are no other numbers between you and the one that you're aiming for

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Decent game, but the fact that the numbers combine with other numbers that you don't link them to makes it a little weird.

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I don't know whats going on... but i have 444444444 money is that usual?

Anyways amazing game love it a'lot :D

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Sorry but in my opinion math just sucks.

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3.84 / 5.00

Jun 23, 2017
7:56 AM EDT
Skill - Other