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TIEM magazine #7

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Jun 22, 2017 | 4:07 PM EDT

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Author Comments

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DISCLAIMER: the issue(s) of TIEM is an e-magazine, created by the clockcrew, and it offers many random, silly, funny or cool stories, interviews, comics and articles.

ALSO: the views expressed on this magazine do not necessarily represent the views of the editor(s), or those of the submitter/organiser of this magazine.


EDITOR: BB10-clock, AKA chris-the-stick2
COMPILER OF MAGAZINES: yomuchan-clock/ yomtoxic. (thank you)
ACTIONSCRIPT WIZARD: yomuchan-clock/ yomtoxic.
(again, thanks)
SALVAGER OF OLD TIEM MAGAZINES: BB10-clock, AKA chris-the-stick2


This issue, is the 7th magazine of TIEM, created by leek clock on the summer of 2006, and it discussed the aftermath of 2006's clockday. (it was the CC’s 5th clockday... and think that we’ve recently celebrated our 15th(!) clockday just a year ago, on 2016... time flies.).

After the discussion of this very important and productive clockday event, this magazine featured the analysis of the clockday event by strange-clock, a discussion about the positive+negative aspects of a person’s personality by rupee-clock, an article about worcestershiresauce-clock’s clockification request, strange-clock’s review of the videogame ‘’half-life 2’’, archangel-clock’s views on ‘’internet group spam-wars’’...

and this issue also has:

ONE MORE EPIC interview with TOM FULP! This time, hueyfree-clock had the honour of interviewing the legendary tom fulp, and he is friendly and helpful as always. I’ve said it many times, and its true: tom fulp and wade fulp are awesome people, and they are one of the many reasons as to why we all love newgrounds! :)

And speaking of more cool things, this issue of TIEM also mentioned the publication of the clockcrew’s FIRST MUSIC ALBUM, which was named ‘’stopallsounds();’’ ...
it was created+sold in the july of 2006, it sold 38 copies and it earned 90 dollars!

And what the clockcrew did with those 90 dollars next, was even more awesome: they donated all the money to a charity organisation, they bought a cow so that it can be sent to a 3rd world-country’s village, and they renamed the cow ‘’wade’’, thus making a tongue-in-cheek joke to NG’s most famous admin, mr. wade fulp!

It was a good time to see that the CC’s creativity was the source of much joy+humour; this was a proof of the CC’s great art/movie/music skills.

Also, this issue had a PERFECT analysis by blackmagic-clock about the clockcrew users stages of ‘’birth’’, life and ‘’death’’, while he explained the differences between a ‘’clockcrew member’’, and a ‘’NG-user that isnt fully adapted to the CC’s enviroment/vibes’’.

Furthermore, in this issue, bunny-clock listed some of the best belgian beers, insomnia-clock wrote about a flash movie featuring ric flair’s song+skills, it also featured the creation+establishment of the harmony-award, which was awarded to people for advertising the CC’s legend irl, absinthe-clock talked about fictional movie-monsters, and shasta-clock wrote a comedic masterpiece (again), with his story story, ‘’clocks’’.

Lastly, gin-clock returned, with the sequel of his masterpiece (surreal) comic, ‘’TIME’’, part 2.

This time, the story moves on to a new point, and the hero finally expresses his deepest fears and thoughts about life.

Very surreal stuff, but also beautiful as well. Worth checking out.

''TIEM'' name idea: Yoyo-clock
general style, idea+format of this issue: Leek-clock.
I hope that you will enjoy this e-magazine, because many people worked hard for this, and it's about time their hard work got recognized.

(also note: this is not a game, but an e-magazine. it may not look like much, but it is good, and it has funny articles. please view and review this magazine fairly, and judge it with a fair hand.)



Rated 5 / 5 stars


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TlEM responds:

i know, RIGHT?!

TIEM's back!

which clock are you?
i thank you for your review!


Rated 1 / 5 stars

This is cute and all, but it's not a GAME. Please rethink where you submit your content.

TlEM responds:

read the description:

since there are no categories for e-magazines in NG's portal, and since this is NOT a flash movie, it is labeled automatically as an interactive multimedia file, AKA=an interactive ''game'' of sorts.

review the e-MAGAZINE itself, and not its category, you idiot.