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TIEM magazine #6

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Jun 22, 2017 | 4:05 PM EDT

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Author Comments

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DISCLAIMER: the issue(s) of TIEM is an e-magazine, created by the clockcrew, and it offers many random, silly, funny or cool stories, interviews, comics and articles.

ALSO: the views expressed on this magazine do not necessarily represent the views of the editor(s), or those of the submitter/organiser of this magazine.


EDITOR: BB10-clock, AKA chris-the-stick2
COMPILER OF MAGAZINES: yomuchan-clock/ yomtoxic. (thank you)
ACTIONSCRIPT WIZARD: yomuchan-clock/ yomtoxic.
(again, thanks)
SALVAGER OF OLD TIEM MAGAZINES: BB10-clock, AKA chris-the-stick2


This issue, is the 6th magazine of TIEM, created by leek clock on in april of 2006, and it discussed many subjects about art, music, and cooking, while it also gave us a glimpse of what was going on in the CC, during the clocktopia-dot-com website time-period (2006, after bit-clock’s act of shutting down the old site)

Also, this magazine featured the issues of people growing up, BIBLO-clock travelling around the world, VCR-clock reviewing the infamous flash movie ‘’keeping up with the honeses’’,
evil-berry-clock writing a review about the famous videogame ‘’shadow of the colossus’’ , and shasta-clock writing one more EPIC, hilarious article...
(really, shasta-clock’s stories were the best stories ever on TIEM, and many clocks tried to ‘’compete’’ with him, by making even wilder+funnier(?) stories, which sometimes resulted in an epic mess.)

Furthermore, VCR-clock created a cool article about ‘’pineapple-clock’’ ‘’travelling’’ with him on NY, insomnia clock discussed about a cool concert that he attended, other clocks wrote cool recipes about soups+cakes, and gin-clock created his epic abstract series: ‘’TIME’’, a surreal comic that discussed the joys+troubles of everyday life, as he faced friends and foes in his neighborhood...

Very surreal stuff, but also beautiful as well. Worth checking out.

''TIEM'' name idea: Yoyo-clock
general style, idea+format of this issue: Leek-clock.
I hope that you will enjoy this e-magazine, because many people worked hard for this, and it's about time their hard work got recognized.

(also note: this is not a game, but an e-magazine. it may not look like much, but it is good, and it has funny articles. please view and review this magazine fairly, and judge it with a fair hand.)


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