TIEM magazine #4

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DISCLAIMER: the issue(s) of TIEM is an e-magazine, created by the clockcrew, and it offers many random, silly, funny or cool stories, interviews, comics and articles.

ALSO: the views expressed on this magazine do not necessarily represent the views of the editor(s), or those of the submitter/organiser of this magazine.


EDITOR: BB10-clock, AKA chris-the-stick2
COMPILER OF MAGAZINES: yomuchan-clock/ yomtoxic. (thank you)
ACTIONSCRIPT WIZARD: yomuchan-clock/ yomtoxic.
(again, thanks)
SALVAGER OF OLD TIEM MAGAZINES: BB10-clock, AKA chris-the-stick2


This issue, is the 4th magazine of TIEM, created by leek clock on 22 of december of 2005, and it discussed the upcoming celebrations of christmas by the clockcrew, (now famously known as the ‘’clockmas’’ celebrations), while there was also an interview with Zer0_EXY, who was the founder of the F-KREW(the largest anti-clockcrew group of the time), and one of the CC’s greatest enemies... (he then became our friend ofcourse, and he even considered joining the clockcrew!!! Its the power of love+friendship, folks! The CC is love. <3).

Also, in this issue, strange-clock discovered who the man behind MR_artist’s ‘’face’’* was: it was a cool final fantasy cosplayer, and a guy who liked dressing up as sephiroth at locan conventions, while he was also a well-known voice-actor for movies+videogames. Cool!

*(note: when i say the ‘’face’’ of mr_artist, i dont mean the infamous user himself, but the photo of the sephiroth cosplayer that was used as the symbol of ‘’mr_artist’’ in our clock-movies. I also believe its worth mentioning that, later on, mr_artist (the user), befriended the CC, and he became one of our newest fans+friends. Its always great to see such friendship+love for the clockcrew, at all times.)

''TIEM'' name idea: Yoyo-clock
general style, idea+format of this issue: Leek-clock.
I hope that you will enjoy this e-magazine, because many people worked hard for this, and it's about time their hard work got recognized.

(also note: this is not a game, but an e-magazine. it may not look like much, but it is good, and it has funny articles. please view and review this magazine fairly, and judge it with a fair hand.)


this isnt a game. theres nothing to do but click to the next page. theres no music, no sound effects, no gameplay. theres nothing to this. this is just spam

TlEM responds:

read again: this is an INTERACTIVE gadget, therefore it is a game-like flash file that has interactive page-functions, as it is an e-magazine, as i've clearly stated in the author's description.
learn how to read, and review fairly, or dont review at all.


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