TIEM magazine #2

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DISCLAIMER: the issue(s) of TIEM is an e-magazine, created by the clockcrew, and it offers many random, silly, funny or cool stories, interviews, comics and articles.

ALSO: the views expressed on this magazine do not necessarily represent the views of the editor(s), or those of the submitter/organiser of this magazine.


EDITOR: BB10-clock, AKA chris-the-stick2
COMPILER OF MAGAZINES: yomuchan-clock/ yomtoxic. (thank you)
ACTIONSCRIPT WIZARD: yomuchan-clock/ yomtoxic.
(again, thanks)
SALVAGER OF OLD TIEM MAGAZINES: BB10-clock, AKA chris-the-stick2


This issue, has been the #2nd magazine of TIEM, created by leek clock on august of 2005, it celebrated the 4th clockday of the CC, (2005), and it also features a cool interview of tom fulp!

''TIEM'' name idea: Yoyo-clock
general style, idea+format of this issue: Leek-clock.

I hope that you will enjoy this e-magazine, because many people worked hard for this, and it's about time their hard work got recognized.
(also note: this is not a game, but an e-magazine. it may not look like much, but it is good, and it has funny articles. please view and review this magazine fairly, and judge it with a fair hand.)


You know I think I vaguely remember this

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TlEM responds:

yes, this thing started on early 2005 (in the summer of 2005 to be exact), and we started recording the most important CC facts+pieces that we experienced, while others added cool interviews with internet personalities, funny CC comics, short stories and cool ads, making this a really strange, yet unique creation of the clockcrew.

i am glad that you like+remember this piece of art!
thank you for your great review!

Could you please make a Flash(e)-magazine? lol get it.

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TlEM responds:

hahaha! thats a good joke, my friend! :D
im glad that you are enjoying our e-magazines...

thank you.

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