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Local water filter merchant, unshackled from the chains of society, brings his super male vitality against the globalists of this country; leaving none standing against the power of his BRAIN FORCE(tm).

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I didn't realize I'd watched this before until I saw my vote. Goes to show my memory is terrible. Enjoyed the whole way through. I can tell you put a lot of thought into this. Also, nice touch with the chicken on the game of doctor. I bet half of kids today don't even know what that is.

Lol, cool :)
Try making the music and sound effects less loud, it covers the narrator's voice ;)

I enjoyed the animation and drawings but the sound mixing could use some work. A lot of audio layered over each other can get confusing to listen to.

ConeZone responds:

I'll take that into account, thanks a lot! :D

Alex Wars:The Jones Awakens

ConeZone responds:

Oh my god I love it! Can I use your title? :D