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Adventure - RPG

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Jun 20, 2017 | 4:33 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Note: Music in the game was released to the Public Domain by Halcyonic Falconx

Note 2: Art assets are being upgraded and new H-Scenes added as quickly as I can afford them. If you'd like to see more H-Scenes in each update consider supporting my patreon here:

Standing at the center of your town is a school that promises to teach it's students how to harness their magical gifts to become adventurers. You missed enrollment last year by one day, but now that you are 18 years old, you are allowed to enter and finally develop a gift of your own.

Fight monsters, learn new spells, befriend other students, or betray them in this Visual Novel/RPG. Whether you use your power for good, or for your own gain is up to you. This story is yours to shape with your actions, and your decisions.


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Rated 0 / 5 stars

I never played it cause it never fully loaded. I waited for a bout an hour, left cause I got bored, watched star wars, came back and it still wasn't done. It doesn't matter how awesome the game is that wait time is completely inexcusable. I've downloaded full length games that run in 4k faster than this game loads.

HypnoChanger responds:

It's possible the download stalled and got stuck. That can happen sometimes with larger flash games. Using F5 to refresh might help.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

So how many floors are in this version and how many notes, Btw great game! One of the first adult games I've played for something other than just for hentai, You did a great job! Also is there anything I can do once the heart slime flees and i can't catch it now?

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HypnoChanger responds:

Thanks. There are 15 floors currently, and 7 notes. To catch the heart slime, you can turn off monster fleeing in the options section of the menu. You can access it by pressing Enter, then clicking on Options.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

"You did seem a little flat for a woman"
Do you know how hard it is to grow those man-boobs please you insult me

great game btw

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HypnoChanger responds:

Thanks xD


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Overall I think the game is great, but I do have some grievances and bugs that I noticed while playing this version. Before that though, I'd like to say that I played this forever ago (when F9 was the last) and I'm happy to see all of the improvements that have been made since then.

A lack of a help/controls section. If you weren't paying enough attention (oops?) during the intro control discussion or if you just forgot, it would be nice to have a section in the menu that reiterates the controls for the game (namely switching party members).

A way to load an old save if you have something you messed up or are just testing things post-save instead of doing Enter - Options - Return to Title - Yes I'm sure - Resume Game - Select Save.

An exorbitant amount of hidden features (SPOILERS) such as how to "tame" Cassandra, transforming into Jane instead of Molly (First time was an accident, took multiple tries - thought it was random - and the second I think I figured it out). For those interested, you transform at the first chance instead of reading through the whole dialogue before it makes you transform. Even though there is nothing to do before transforming back (lame?) and just a slightly different discussion sequence. I feel this could be improved with either an achievement system or a tracker section on the main menu. This could let you know what you've accomplished already as well as what you haven't, and content you haven't discovered could either be blacked out or have some kind of hint to steer you in the right directon. This would allow us to know if we'd done everything the game has to offer.

Stamina ridiculousness. I understand that certain spells are much stronger, but having stamina costs as high as 30 (such as Trip) making you immediately too low to continue after 1 cast nonetheless 2 is ridiculous. Not to mention, the main character (Trip aside) has no real offensive capability, but also loses stamina at a significantly slower pace resulting in MULTIPLE turns with her before gaining a turn with your followers. Adding a way to increase your max stamina outside normal leveling would help. I just feel that some spells have far too high of costs resulting in needing too many turns of "rest" to continue fighting compared to a slower battle of using cheaper spells comparatively which don't do %wise, as little as they probably should in comparison? Lastly, it's annoying to slow (spoiler for anyone who didn't think of this) and then reverse that slow on your own ally just to speed them up.

H scene sliding. In the Cassandra maid "clean up" screen sliding until the character's "parts" were hidden, in Molly's (can we call it this? It basically is) rape scene and subsequent servicing scenes it slides to the character's face, and even Cassandra's mindless state scene... It goes on, and it gets annoying.

I don't honestly know WHY she transformed back, but after Molly is returned to normal making her more of less part of my team, you can no longer "play" with her and she's always too busy in her shop to do anything else which is SUPER disappointing.

I know it's kind of the point, but Cassandra's cow face is HIDEOUS in the library scene.

Lack of a "back" button after selecting a spell in battle. If you select the wrong one, or just change your mind, you're locked in and stuck resulting in at least a lost turn if not a potentially hazardous choice toward the battle.

Rate of monster battles. I've walked two steps (I have the same problem with Pokemon games though so don't be too offended) and received battles when I'm just trying to go places, where as frequently when I want fights I've walked an entire map (I mean every tile) and not received it. As a possible unlock, something to buy from the store (such as an item to control battle frequency or simply potions that influence it temporarily or permanently), or a menu option, it would be nice to potentially have some control over it (of course after earning it somehow).

I feel that you should make a change to "Magic" in the menu outside of combat, where if you select a heal spell to use on your teammates, you can use it repetitively until you exit the menu or choose a new spell instead of having to reselect it each time. This wouldn't cause any problems since spell selection uses a different main character icon than the one used to target the heal.

Your icon in the dungeon being a female regardless of the gender you picked.

First off a warning to anyone else reading these that they all contain SPOILERS...

When discussing the transformation ability with Jane, one of Molly's dialogues shows Jane's sprite (I accidentally reloaded the page after having a huge amount written so I can't remember the exact dialogue anymore, sorry). I remember that she said "Mmm..." in the middle of the line.

It's understand I think that Molly's transformation into a demon (I guess?) after multiple love potions is supposed to be permanent, but when I went to her shop after discussing the transformation ability with Jane, the "I want to talk" actually did something (why does it so rarely do so?) and she eventually said a customer was there and dipped out. That whole dialogue was with a non-demon Molly sprite (was that dialogue written assuming you hadn't transformed her yet or is there just no check for the transformation?) and post-scene I lost the ability to "interact" with her either in my room or the library for a while (I think it came back but I reloaded so I forget)

If I have to say spoiler again, you're clearly a moron random reader. In the let's just go with "tentacle fun" scene with Molly in her shop, the text gets super garbled and results in two layers of basically unreadable text followed by "c]imax (It really says that, being specific here), you push your spell out, filling her all" Obviously the ending makes no sense, I'm assuming the second line overlaid the start of the first resulting in the rather "unfinished" (pun intended) line.

When you purchase anything from the store, the icon for ALL the girls is there, even the rabid chick in the first floor regardless of whether you've run into her, tamed her, or anything... Just saying.

You're character occasionally "skates" (come on, you know what I mean right?) in the dungeon field when entering combat. This is outside your control of course and appears to be something that shouldn't happen. Haven't been able to test whether that skate interferes with collecting sigils or notes, though the trigger could be broken if it skated onto it entering a battle, not sure.

I noticed some likely unintentional interactions with certain spells. Main one being when I use Tornado against a skull slime it reads as doing 0 damage but kills it anyway (correction, this happens on multiple monsters, always the one on the right). And (I apologize to anyone who didn't want to know this) for 1 stamina, Burning Finger is extremely OP (I hate using that term btw, it just really is) 1 shotting some monsters, such as Sprout which are almost otherwise immune to damage (I say this since all other fire moves do fairly little, and all other physical moves that aren't physical fire do almost nothing, but the physical fire tree of spells does at least 10x more than anything else). If that's intentional, that's AWFULLY specific for a weakness.

Using "Flirt" on an ally in combat results in the healing value showing on your main character instead of the follower whose own hp shows as going up "0". The healing appears to properly apply to the chosen target.

Allure slime has multiple times received enough attacks in a row (at least 3) to hit each of my girls once, resulting in all 3 of them immediately receiving the "tangled" debuff which lead to a spree (each time it's been 9+ attacks) of hits from the slime that ended up killing all of my team in one go without any chance to retaliate. I know this isn't technically a "bug" but I don't think that should be allowed as a good game mechanic since there isn't any possible way to avoid this happening and if it does, you just auto lose. The main problem I have is that if your main character is the only one with a debuff remover (standard party), if she gets Tangled you're immediately at the mercy of RNG for her recovering, or your team not also being Tangled before they can win if you're not exactly overleveled. This may be more of an issue with the Tangled debuff than anything.

I also think I broke the game? I managed to get the scene where I ask Val to get her aunt drunk in order to progress, I then turned her into a Bimbo in order to do the scene properly (I remembered from way back then) but I guess I did it too early? I never received another message or had any interaction between her and Ms. Rack and I went from there (F10) all the way to F15 (the end? no stairs) did all the Molly stuff, finished Jane's, never received the message about the crazy girl on F1 no matter where I went or what I did, nothing ever popped up anymore.

Regardless, I have said enough I think even if there is more to it. Either way great game, and please see these complaints/bugs as a way to help you improve and not as a negative criticism.

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HypnoChanger responds:

The post is too long to reply to everything point by point like I usually do, but I wanted to note a couple of things that you might want to know about. You can hide the interface with shift, and scroll images with up and down in order to see the parts of the image you want to see.

I've tried fixing the rate of encounter to have a cooldown time, but no matter what I did it was either a uselessly small length of time, or too long and you could literally get to the bottom of the dungeon without hitting a single encounter. I'm trying to come up with a way to fix it better but have not had any luck yet.

I have been meaning to put a back button into the game, however, it has proven to be more complicated than I thought it would be, so I haven't been able to implement it yet. Once I figure it out I will though.

I will look into the bugs you mentioned and try to get them fixed as quickly as I can.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

im having a hard time learning new skills, any help is appreciated, otherwise fun game

HypnoChanger responds:

You learn new spells by casting spells in combat, which gives you proficiency in that spell school. If you do not know any spells in that spell school you and your active party members gain proficiency from attending the secret classes you unlock by finding notes in the dungeon.