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World Destroyer Teaser Trailer

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This is a teaser trailer for for a film I am independently producing with my wife. It is called, "World Destroyer" . We are currently in production and perpetually seeking funding. Stay tuned for the full trailer coming soon. If you wanna find out more, or contact us check us out on our tumblr.... which is just me Anthony, or find us on facebook and youtube. You can also contact me here on Newgrounds. I just started my account here and am getting my feet wet, but I'm really digging it.




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This looks really fantastic, good luck on the project! Excited to see more!

Why don't you start a Kickstarter?

Nominous responds:

Hey ErnestoGod. We are, infact intending to get crowdfunding... I mean if it goes well. Anyway, we're still working on compositing more animation before the big promotional push. Stay tuned if you wanna see more. And thanks for the vote.

This teaser looks great. Also, I noticed that the ghost of Mr. Fluffers has apparently made peace with the boy from Beware of Bunny (who has also grown into a teen) since he looks like he's about to attack that demonic knight. Awesome job!

Nominous responds:

Hey Christovgrigori, thanks. I'm glad you liked both of our cartoons. We actually wanted to expand Beware of Bunny into a web series, but we sorta took a left turn and created something completely different. Although Mr. Fluffers and Enrique are still in it, albeit changed. My wife created Fluffers as a ghost but I ended up turning him into a weapon in the vein of Ryoki from Tenchi Muyo. She really loved the idea, so it stuck. Fluffers is still a little scoundrel though.

Remind me of Gravity Fall, Ha-Ha! This is look so amazing! I hope you will add subtitle or something since I am deaf. This animation had my interesting by all suddenly!

Nominous responds:

Hey, thanks for the compliment and the advise. I never thought about putting subtitles. When I release the 3 minute short I'll create a subtitle version.

Looks amazing! Reminds me of Gravity Falls