Lethilia [DEMO]

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Main character is Lisa
Her friend is Rylie
The crystal is Lethilia
The blue girl is Erika.

A girl gets kidnapped by a crystal to a strange new world and has to find a way back home.

Music by me (in order)

Lethilia OST- Lethilia
Lethilia OST- Search
Lethilia OST- Warning
Lethilia OST- Evergreen Forest
Lethilia OST- Found and Fought
Lethilia OST- Impressive

--GLITCHES (will be fixed in the full game)--
walking in place
audio glitches
camera glitches
Can't kill Byrak or be killed by Byrak ;*P

It is put on low quality for a reason. I wanted it to have that pixely look rather than the Macromedia Flash-y look.

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The idea behind this game isn't a bad one, but it definitely needs work.
It took me a while to figure out that to 'exit' into another part of the forest, I had to use my pointer. It was kind of nerve wracking to keep moving my hand to click. As far as the branch goes, it would have been neat/easier to find a branch on the ground and use a keyboard key to pick it up instead of clicking on a tree branch.
I also found that while battling the little creature it took a long time to take down its health bar, and even after it was empty the little guy didn't faint or anything. I ended up having to use the delete button to get it to go away even though I had spent a moment furiously clicking the enter key to defeat it.
The music to this game, however, wasn't too bad though I think the loop could have been longer to give more to the game instead of the same few second looped over and over.
The font reminds me of Undertale and the animations almost remind me of 8-bit Steven Universe or Gravity Falls.
I also think that there could have been more of a lead in story instead of throwing the players directly into a game without background.

bb-panzu responds:

The battling system tho, i've been working on it for like 4 whole days and still can't figure out how to make it run. Maybe either i'll fix it or think of a new battle system

you should really include hints in the game. nobody thinks that they will have to move their mouse on the tree in order for it to "grow" a branch. thats very unintuitive. most people would simply think they'd need to find a stick on the ground. you should also just make it so that walking into the exit makes you exit. having to click on it when you're there makes no sense especially since you use arrow keys to move. its annoying to move my right hand from keys to mouse often just to play your game especially when you can just use WASD keys to fix it so you can have one hand on both. some of the music was nice but some of it was painful to listen to and theres no option to lower the music or turn it off. the map itself is buggy and i was able to walk out of it by accident.

bb-panzu responds:


10/10 Better rpg story plot and gameplay then half-life 3

bb-panzu responds:

holy fucc 5 stars nga???!! Thx : )

Very buggy. Bad collision detection. I could walk off the path in several parts, walk around the map, walk off the edges of the map, etc.
I got to a part where it said it was getting dark out and then the map got really dark. about 3 sections later it said I needed to go find a stick or something. Immediately after that I am stuck in the path, can't move in any direction or click on anything.

bb-panzu responds:

when it says you need to find a stick, you need to find a tree branch. move your mouse around the trees until a tree branch grows

I like the artwork but even for a demo you dont do much. two, you walk in a circle over and over and nothing happens. I hope the official release is better. Nice animations.

bb-panzu responds:

Click on entrences and exits to go through them.

Credits & Info

2.20 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2017
12:43 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG