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You recently bought the hottest new game of 1992, Pixo's Dungeon. Your Funchild has full life but your don't have anymore batteries and you mom refuses to buy more. Looks like you have to beat the game before the batteries die...

Go Through 8 gruelingly hard levels while racing against the Clock.. or battery... to get to the end of Pixo's Dungeon!


WASD + Arrows + Spacebar : Basic Controls.
C : On the opening menu this will activate the cheat code entering mode! Use the Arrow keys + A and B to enter a cheat code, if you mess up the press C to clear and try it again. (Note : You can't see what your typing, so be very careful with what your typing!)


That moment when you have to zoom 200& in to see what you're doing-

But anyways, the game has a "Oh hey, you got the key, and went through the entire level but died at the last jump? Well FUCK YOU! You're going all the way back to the start and you won't have enough time to beat the rest of the game because YOU FUCKED UP." feel to it. Not too good in my opinion..... Sorry for the constructive criticism.

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How to make a bad game:

Make it have boring bleak graphics.
Make it have monotonous repeating annoying sound.
Make it have no story so that player doesn't fell intrigued to see what will happen next.
Make the game very hard so that player would experience the ugly graphics and sounds all over and over again.
Make a stupid time limit that requires everything to be completed perfectly and efficiently leaving no room for creativity or player doing things in his own pace using methods he prefers.
Don't give time for a player to adjust to high difficulty just slam it on him from first trap of level 1.
Make character have no personality.

This has all the markings of a bad game. What is worse is that it feels throughout that the author of this game had technical finesse to make a better game but purposefully made this game to be as annoying and hard and bleak and bad as possible, copying all the worst features from old games and not including anything good from the retro style.

The mother of the boy was correct to not buy him batteries for playing such crap. In 1992 there existed much better games even games that knew that spikes dont kill if you approach them from the not sharp side or slowly like Prince of Persia.

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LeviRamirez responds:

I do respect your opinion of my game, I really do. I simply wanted to make a game I could finish in a week for shits and giggles and to be honest I thought more reviews like this would cover the comment section. Sorry you didn't find any enjoyment of it.

Its not bad, its not great, but it is good. Simple game concept, very very difficult and unforgiving! Lack of sounds, no music, no color detail make it seem very VERY old. Like an ultra-retro version of portable consoles.

LeviRamirez responds:

I saw a lot of people saying that the game has no sounds or music, This is not true and then game does have sounds and music. I don't know what that's about but anyways thanks for the feedback. :)

Kinda cool :)

The game felt overall pretty basic : ordinary 8-bit music for menu title (and none while playing [LAST SECOND EDIT: The music just started after 20 minutes for some reason...]), repeated pixel art, unpolished layouts/maps for levels (I struggle at the first jump because the character doesn't jump high enough, and when I pass it, I crash either in the pit or in the following spike [LAST SECOND EDIT #2: just found out the ability to jump on walls... XD You should add a tutorial or something]). I suggest you revise your game a few more times and check these :
- It should start easy enough
- Music could be improved
- Art could be a little more varied and polished
- Some tutorial would help :)
- It can have some more original/unique element

It doesn't feel like a "bad" game or anything, it just doesn't feel "worked" enough. I know you want to make it 1992-themed, but with more efforts it could be a little more fun to play in my opinion ;)

LeviRamirez responds:

Well, I do appreciate your feedback the game was made to be insanely difficult and I literally made it in a week for fun, I was in the mood to make a simplistic game for shits and giggles. Thanks for the review though :)

Very fun game, managed to find all 8 code. The C********? cheat was quite helpful in getting me to the end of the game. You caught me off guard on one of them, I was expecting a Pokemon reference. Overall this game was enjoyable despite the difficult mechanics.

LeviRamirez responds:

Thanks Man, I am guessing you mean the Corruption Cheat? That was actually a joke code I put as a reference to Vinny from Vinesauce. And yeah it basically does warp you to the end of the game. Thanks for the review man!

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Jun 17, 2017
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