Simple Shooter/Reflexes Game

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So, I decided to make a test game in Construct 3 (because I don't have the full version) and I made this.

Background Music: Nightlights by Waterflame and DuttonSaysHi!

Sound Effects by:
cabled_mess, fins, and Tobiasz 'unfa' Karoń (unfa)

Links to the Sound Effects are below:

Instructions (for keyboard): Use the arrow keys to change direction and press space to shoot the red arrows (you cannot shoot again until you have hit a red arrow or hit a wall). Press escape to go back to the main menu.

Instructions (for gamepad): Use the D-Pad to change direction and press the right shoulder button to shoot the red arrows (you cannot shoot again until you have hit a red arrow or hit a wall). Press the left shoulder button to go back to the main menu.

I feel like the background music doesn't fit with the game but oh well.

I also couldn't add a thing to mute the background music because there is a limit to how much code you can put in your game on the free version of Construct 3.

This game should work with a Controller or Game-pad (or whatever you call it). If it doesn't, then oh well. Just use your keyboard.

I hope you at least somewhat enjoy this. It's not my best creation (because of how limited it is), but it is better than nothing. :P

EDIT: Yes this is my first game using Construct 3 but I published it because it may be my only game using Construct 3. I cannot get the full version of Construct 3 because I do not wan't to pay for something I might only use for a few months. I would have made the game a lot better if I had the full version (that allows you to write an unlimited amount of code unlike the free version).

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its good and its something i would make and its simple

I don't even know how this works!

BrownPlasticBag responds:

You can read the instructions in the game and I also added instructions in the description :P

right first of all the game is horrible second get the full construct and dont upload the first thing you make with it just play around with it get better at using it then make a good game then upload that because this is shit plain background almost instant death jerking animation and really boring

BrownPlasticBag responds:

Well I can't get the full version because I don't want to pay $100 for it. Also, it's suppose to have a plain background because it is a simple game :P. I also uploaded it because it might be the only game that I make on Construct 3 (because you can only make a limited amount of code on the free version).

Players might be frustrated with the way “you can’t turn all of a sudden.” Just read a little bit here and take note if you have problems with the game.

The game has music which is actually pretty good for this kind of game, but put a music mute toggle button/mute sound effects button.

I was frustrated at first at the lack of being able to turn the center arrow immediately after pressing space bar, but apparently there is a delay, as shown from the missing yellow arrow when one shoots. Then I realized the delay is from the inability to shoot while one of the player’s shots are out. Therefore, it is imperative to not miss and to not panic when the arrows are really close since your yellow arrow will respond to you and change directions immediately. I improved from around 400 score to 1440 score just by realizing this.

Overall, a great reflexes game. You could add a running record of scores, but there probably isn’t a need to add all sorts of other stuff like bombs to clear all incoming arrows.
Last note: DEFINITELY change the title of this game if you can. I'll blam this so you can rename it.

BrownPlasticBag responds:

Thanks for the nice review! And I wish I had a better name but I didn't know what else to name this :P

well the idea is good
but sometimes it wont turn around as fast

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2.39 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2017
8:15 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed