Polished Pearl

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Pearl from Steven Universe. Left some things on the cutting room floor but here's the main two loops.


thank you for this

This is hot as shit

i want to freak that little booty of hers

Pretty hot but needs a climax option.

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You got something cool for what it is... So... Visuals sell it, and it seems to work. It's a loop, so there's that part "it is what it is"...
To get a little nit-picky... The loop seems to "hang" here and there, and maybe it's at least partly intended (anticipation and such) but... I'm not sure of the timing. (tells me it could be a glitch)...
There's also a bit here, where she's either about to belch or barf (not sure which) and it's funnier than really sexy on any level... Don't know if it's your intention, so just thought I'd point it out.
Otherwise, mostly, the sounds and visuals seem to work together to build this thing. I can certainly appreciate the effort, so a plus to you for that. There's probably a little more attention to be spent on some of it, here and there, but remember "Perfection is a road, not a static place,." -Master Chun- "Remo Williams, the Adventure Begins"...
Don't forget to breathe relax, and keep on keeping on... :o)

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3.33 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2017
10:12 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody