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For a creative exercise, I decided to make a funny parody of Little Kuriboh's LEATHER PANTS song. Since Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged is filled with [adult swim] references, I thought it would be a hilarious idea to parody the song but replace Marik with a classic AS character. Out of the bunch, I chose Brak since 1- I have a blast doing an impression of him and 2- Brak was a former villain so it would fit for a villain to take a villains' place.

Kirbopher did all the major animation because this was from the LEATHER PANTS video that he originally animated. I did all of Brak's character animation. His design at the beginning was horrible because I had to start from scratch at a university where I was only sourced with a cheap Wacom tablet. I finished it all later at home on my cintiq.

And beware, there are several animation and glitch errors. Working on this crashed multiple times and I'm greatful to at least show something of my hard efforts. I didn't animate Brak much because it was a throwback on how most AS original shows were made on a very LOW budget and resorted to recycle cels and clips.

I knew from the get go that I wasn't aiming for money or fame when I did this. I only did this for fun. I enjoyed doing this and singing off key. BTW, that was me singing very loudly doing my awful Brak impression, expect the two parts where Bakura solely sings. They were derived from Martin's lines in the original songs.

Also, when I sang the song, I had no lyrics to read or work from. I basically implanted lyrics from the original Leather Pants song and it's re-made Literal Pants and made up the lyrics as I go. At the time, my folks were away which was the only perfect time to record the song and do the lines. I wouldn't have time in the future because I'm backed up with other future projects at the moment. I still have my vocal track. Later on, I'll probably post the lyrics. The music is off-tone towards the beginning and a bit off-sync but it gets better later on. I promise. It's still loud but at least, I had fun doing it.

Thank you Martin Billany for being a great comedian and voice artist. Thank you Chris Niosi for keeping your dreams as an animator and voice-over artist strong and alive. You guys influence me to get into the field and I am forever greatful of getting to work with some people in the industry.

Enjoy the animation. And get ready to see some cameos and hidden references. I won't saw what. But you'll get it.

And remember: visit http://www.teamfourstar.com/littlekur... for all YGOTAS episodes a week in advance!


the quality of the audio is so bad it actually becomes funny.
the lipsync is off.

CartoonMeister responds:

First critique, that's the point.

Second, if you read the description, it's off-sync on purpose to homage how cheaply made the old AS cartoons were made (Brak, SG, Cartoon Planet)....

dat singing tho it made me cringe xD

CartoonMeister responds:

Brak is a funny, yet awful singer. Thank you very much.

why????? Just why????

CartoonMeister responds:

I thought it would be fun. It's terrible. But it's funny!

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Jun 13, 2017
12:12 AM EDT
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