The Impossible Black And White game

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Click on any tile to change It's color.It will also change the color of the adjacent tiles of the same color and of the diagonal ne-ar tiles of the oher color.Target: Color all the tiles in the same color.

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One of the 5-permutations of "tiles" is "lies".

The above statement is a solvable puzzle, and entertaining. This game is neither.
This set of statements is true as long as you can figure out why in 24 hours.


OnAlfiGrounds responds:

I already solved it. A permutation doesn't involve using all the elements.Since the word 'tile' is formed from the characters 't','i','l','e','s', any combination of any of theese characters is a permutation so 'lies' is a valid permutation.Am I wright? Yes, it was entertaining.

---(Should I delete it, since this game is realy no good and it was just a first game upload try?)---

Ha, thanks for the brain warm up, man. It took me a while, but I now understand that the game is quite impossible. This game wasn't really that fun of course, but I think that was the point. It's more meant to be a brain teaser.

OnAlfiGrounds responds:

Yes!I'm so happy you got it!

---(Should I delete it, since this game is realy no good and it was just a first game upload try?)---

I wouldn't class this as a game it has nothing interesting of engaging to that entices you as a player. You haven't even bothered to add any music or sounds with limits you interaction and patience. This game is doesn't use its difficulty to its advantage, it doesn't make a player try to beat the game because there is nothing remotely interesting about it.

There's a difference between a game that's impossible because the rule set makes a problem impossible to solve and a game that changes its rule set to force a possible problem to just become impossible. The difference is that one's interesting and engaging for a brief moment, and one is your game.

I can't tell if it's a glitch or on purpose, but clicking doesn't reliably invert a set of tiles like it would in other games in this genre; rather, it forces them to be colorized in a certain way. The rule seems to be "When this tile is clicked, its color inverts, the directly adjacent tiles become the same as the tile's new color (regardless of what they were before), and the diagonally adjacent tiles become the opposite of the tile's new color (regardless of what they were before)."

Because every tile has at least one tile diagonally adjacent to it, every click will result in at least one white and one black tile, and thus making everything the same color will be LITERALLY impossible.

Once the player realizes this (and don't expect the player not to), this game loses all entertainment value.

OnAlfiGrounds responds:

Yes! That's the ideea! The game was an experiment to see if people with find out that is is literally impossible. You passed! And no, it's not a glitch. It is on purpose.

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Jun 10, 2017
7:22 AM EDT
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