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Guardians of Dreamstate

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Demo, the storyline is unlocked by player progression, but for those who are to impatient here is some of it without spoiling to much. You one night accidently astral projected and was dragged to this dimension. Where evil has nearly taken over all the realms, the good king and the traveler made sure to guide you on the path of becoming a guardian. Guardians are in place to destroy the dark towers that the forces of darkness made, and to purify the crystals that allow darkness to enter the realms. Hope this gives some player insight into what is going on.

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this game is epic ya can have a lot of characters to be at your team. ya can choose which will help you the most through your run. and this is the only rpgmaker game in newgrounds that allow you to have multiple characters to fight along side you. other rpgmaker games in newgrounds does not have the same story. sometimes ya get 4 characters slots or sometimes up to slots 5 but once ya get the characters in the game and that is it ya get no more. your only allowed to have those characters even tho some of them are completely useless to a fight so ya have 1 option to the characters ya got.

1. ya can make some of them only use skills that does a lot of dmg and ya can make them to a tank to get targeted by an enemy while you just keep using the same skill that can do massive dmg.

so what i am saying about the game is. the game allows you to have characters that have useful skills that can be use through out a fight with a tough enemy or boss. some other rpgmaker games in newgrounds does not have the same as this game have. the other rpgmaker games have useless characters and it force you to use them even tho they don,t have good skills and ya can get hit alot during a boss or enemy in counter. sometimes they only going to be is just a punching bag to the boss or enemies that can tank dmg that they throw at them and that is boring if they're purpose is only a punching bag to a boss and to enemies they are better off gone. cause its sad to know that is only what they're purpose are. and plus ya can't make strats out of them and that is boring so ya force to play with lives and every move ya make must count and that puts a lot of pressure on a player who is fighting a boss or enemy and you are force to buy powerful gears and pots for those useless characters so they can tank dmg so ya can have more chance of winning.

love it, the music is cool, the graphics are cool and story is awsome. turn based battle and movement is simple.

Super cute Final Fantasy-esque game with decent graphics, interesting monsters, and a likeable story line. Another user mentioned that the clicking got tedious; you can actually use the enter button often in lieu of clicking. I really like that while you have the option to grind, a ton of grinding isn't 100% necessary to continue the story. The only critiques I have are thus:

- Some spelling (possibly translation?) issues that can make key sentences seem clunky and hard to understand.
- No quest menu kind of makes you forget what you're actively working on. Speaking of quests...
- I would have liked to see more side quests and met more characters that maybe don't join your party (or if they do, perhaps just temporarily) but are still integral characters that you interact with commonly in the game.

Mostly devastatingly...I think the save feature may be bugged out? I played for roughly two hours yesterday and saved often, with the game itself showing me that the saves were successful. However, after attempting to play today all I receive is a "New Game" feature. As a result I will probably not return to this game :(

DreamGate-Gaming responds:

Thank you for your review! The saving is stored in your cached files so make sure your browser doesn't delete them upon closing your browser. And the save is only stored to that PC so if you play on a different PC your saves won't be there. Thank you so much for playing soon the update will fix the following problems: no enemy hp bars,. No formation during battle, and spelling errors.

Super game, is great :D

Well done. My main issue is having to click a lot of extra times. I am literally taking a break from playing because my hand is tired from excessive clicking.

For example, to equip a new sword, I have to select Equip, then click equip again to be able to choose who to equip on, then choose them twice, then click equip twice, then click weapon twice, then select the weapon I want them to use. Half the clicks are completely pointless. Others could be eliminated also.

For example: click on a hero, and you can see all the equipment and also drag and drop items onto the hero from a list, marking any items in the list with green plus, or red minus, depending on how they affect stats.

The optimize feature is only helpful when there isn't something that disrupts the aim of a build.
(Spear comes to mind as it weakens the attack of warriors in favor of HPs and magic attack.)

When going through a dungeon, and collecting a large number of items, it is time consuming to deal with them all. (20 Rings of Power take about 50 clicks to sell off.)

The extra clicking is also present in battling, if picking any mob other than the 1st one selected.

Finally, I was disappointed when my party of 5 hired 3 new members, and discovered when I got to harder battles that they were not participating. (Early battles in that area would die after 3-4 hits, so I couldn't tell they were not part of the team.)

Some sort of map feature would be nice, so I can tell where I am. One issue I had was not knowing if I was on the right island when I started killing things for the Ice Ooze. After a while of not getting it, I reread the quest info and then tried to figure out the name of the land I was on.

Solid 4 star IMO, but room for improvement.

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3.04 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2017
11:44 AM EDT