Millika Village

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You wake up in a small village with a cataclysmic storm soon to arrive. Will you be able to survive it unscathed?

A short adventure with 3 different endings to unlock.

All art, programming and music was done by me. Made with help from the incredible Fungus plugin for Unity.
Font used: Abscissa Regular by Tepid Monkey Fonts

As of 01/03/2018, the game has updated character art. I did it as part of my portfolio work and decided it'd be fun to include in the game if old players wanna see how the art's improved.


This is one of the most beautiful games I have ever played, and yet it is by far the most frustrating and depressing. I hated never knowing if I was strong enough, intelligent enough, fast enough, or charismatic enough for those end of the day tasks. It fucking sucked, because I failed. Every. Single. Time. I always got the worst possible outcome. Next time you're doing a game like this, could you please put in a 'minimum stat needed' for each task? For instance, when our character and Kira are confronted by the wolves, could you put "Throw some food? (10 strength)"?

That being said, this is not a bad game. The art is fascinating, the music is fitting, the characters are relatable and the story is very compelling. I felt immersed in the world throughout the game, and was made to think of the best course of action the whole time. The only two things I suggest are the minimum stats, and that you include a couple more in-game pointers. Suggestions on who to work for on the first day, some of the outcomes of decisions, things like that.

I'm sorry, but I'm only giving you three stars, simply because failing every task upset me so much.

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I really love your games. You bring such a heart-warming touch to them, its incredible. I had the same feeling when I played the Alchemist <3 I'm gonna keep playing this game everyday at night time with my night lamp on :D

This is one of the best games I ever played on this site. I got the bad ending first and good the second. It is actually pretty easy. Just focus on CHR and INT when they are over 15 or so go for strength. No need for AGI at all. I think you can even make a pretty good visual novel if you spend time on it.

This game is truly amazing. One of the few games that left me in awe after playing it.

Although, it gets fairly boring after the first run. Mind, this game is supposed to be replayed to get the multiple endings. Also, the extremely thin margin to get the best ending is extremely unforgiving.

But other than that, it's a truly wonderful experience.

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A night with two girls 7w7

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4.06 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2017
5:48 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG