Hentai Brothel: Nicole

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Troubleshooting (Unity WebGL is very prone to causing problems lately, so here are some tips):
-If you see a grey screen, try reloading the page.
-After that, if you see the Unity-Icon, wait a little (max 5 min) if the loading bar does not move. The file is about 10MB big, so it should not take too long, although it will very likely take significantly longer than it would with a flash game
-Tested with Firefox, it is guaranteed to work there
-If you see the loading screen and think it does not load, just let it run in the background for a while and come back a few minutes later (when the game starts, music will start playing)

Sadly, since this is the only way to build Unity Games for Web, we cannot do anything ourselves about this problem.
But we also offer standalone builds as a reward tier for our patrons among other benefits, so you will have no trouble with them!

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Barely any content to the game...you gamble, you get one basic scene of sex, its over. I will admit there is more depth to this than the others, and that I do see improvement.

This was so much better than the second one.
First, you are actually able to finish the game and are not sruck forever in an animation.
Second, you had more to do this time, some options, so it actually felt like a game not just like one animation I do to much pointless work for.
Third, the animations got better than last time. Still need work but I see the improvement.

But! Only 4,5 stars because you are cruel! You made me believe I was gonna be able to fuck the showgirl! And than she only stripped. v.v
Seriously though, I wanna fuck showgirl and the Brothel Owner, they are so much hotter than the weekly chicks.

spin wheel for 50$ got the x1000 boom 5000$. game over

Underwhelming. I did the quizzes, googled the answers. No problem with the quizzes or the wheel, problem with the sex. Just vaginal, singular scene. It was good otherwise, just on the next one, I would add more options if I were you.

the gameplay is extremely boring. its spin the wheel for money and the wheel takes way to long to stop spinning so its stare at the screen for 30 seconds or answer impossible to know quiz questions so "the game" is opening another tab to google it. it also takes way to long to get to the sex scenes which wouldnt really be a problem if the game was actually fun to play. the art is good. the animation is fine. you'd also have to refresh the game entirely and spam click past the text if you dont have any money too. even after getting enough money, for some reason the game stopped working when i went back to the brothel. there are a lot of problems with this, but im still giving 1 star out of all this frustration due to pity for the artist because thats the one saving grace for this.

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2.65 / 5.00

Jun 7, 2017
10:40 PM EDT
Simulation - Dating