Hentai Heroes

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Hentai Heroes AKA Harem Heroes

Note: both are the same game produced by the Kinkoid studio
Harem Heroes is the name on Nutaku
Hentai Heroes is the name for other geos

HH is a spoof browser game featuring the most perverted stories with EVERY SINGLE chick from the manga universe.

In our game, you travel a fantasmatic world (believe me, it is…) where you must charm its lovely inhabitants in order to grow your own harem. Then you have to contend with the other harems and show everyone your sexual power!

Each story and illustration are original, your avatar is fully customizable and the PVP is worthy of the most addictive RPG games’ ones.

To know more about HH and Kinkoid :

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/haremheroes/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hentai__heroes
Discord: https://discord.gg/Fm4AKXF
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/kinkoid


Overall mechanics of the game would make this a fine lewd time killer if it wasn't for the multiple ways to stonewall the progress

I get that you have it set up to allow yourselves more time to work on the game, but as other reviews have stated, the energy usage in adventure mode is wank. it shouldn't cost 30+ energy to burn through one image with only multiple changes in text and a zoom in on a different section of the image. Maybe adjust it so that way there's a logical amount of energy used, but in a manner where we can go through the multiple frames of one image.

Why in the blue blazes does it cost gold to collect from the entirety of the harem? I understand that you make money off of people purchasing gold, but that is an absolute waste of resources to just collect another resource.

The wait times are redonkulous. You have to wait X amount of time to collect Y amount of money, but the Y does not change depend on how long you wait to collect it. If you tell us we can make so much over an hour, let us make that much if we wait that long to collect it. Maybe change it so that the girls level determines how much they make while the affection level lowers the wait time you have on collecting the money.

For the 1 free plinko, the 24 hour wait time seems overly long for a gamble. Maybe change it to 12 hours.

As a merger between energy and wait times, again as others pointed out, the lack of an energy restoration upon leveling up more than just anchors you. It dismembers you and expects you to run a marathon.

Nice game. The waiting gets a bit frustrating though. Also, I think one of the missions is bugged. I just can't find a way to complete Terra cognita 2. It says I have to go back to the ship, but nothing new happens.

I feel that the new girls you can get from NPCs should have a higher probability to be obtained the higher level the NPC opponent is... It took forever to get all three from the dark lord, and still haven't gotten any from ninja spy, and I've gotten him to level 42. I've been trying since before the Valentines day event, which I understand made some changes to drop rates. Dores RNG fairy just hate me? XD

The increased gold for higher level opponents is nice, though...

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did the drop rate on girls get harder? ive been trying to unlock two in the ninja village for since the valentines update started and nothing.

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Kinkoid responds:

The droprate of the girls in the beginning is a bit boosted to make sure that players can see their harem grows in the beginning.

How can i figth againt android nº17?

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Kinkoid responds:

Could you provide more details ?

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3.03 / 5.00

Jun 7, 2017
11:58 AM EDT
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