Hentai Heroes

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Hentai Heroes AKA Harem Heroes

Note: both are the same game produced by the Kinkoid studio
Harem Heroes is the name on Nutaku
Hentai Heroes is the name for other geos

HH is a spoof browser game featuring the most perverted stories with EVERY SINGLE chick from the manga universe.

In our game, you travel a fantasmatic world (believe me, it is…) where you must charm its lovely inhabitants in order to grow your own harem. Then you have to contend with the other harems and show everyone your sexual power!

Each story and illustration are original, your avatar is fully customizable and the PVP is worthy of the most addictive RPG games’ ones.

To know more about HH and Kinkoid :

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/haremheroes/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hentai__heroes
Discord: https://discord.gg/Fm4AKXF
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/hentaiheroes


Excellent Game
the combinations of different animes and Graphics with the stories are awesome!! Great Work

Just need to put a solution for the Energy, it doesn't make sense that I have to wait very very long to refill to enjoy only one minute in the story !!!

Besides, the [Battle] need to be improved (put some graphics).

and waiting for the events as well...

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Major issues with the currency, things get more expensive when you level up which is fair but in this instance just makes it more difficult due to the amount it goes up.

Energy and stamina go up so slowly it is painful and the refill costs appear to increase as i level up (or is it cause i used them before? anyway bad game mechanic).
Not sure if i missed it in the tutorial but i have not seen a way to increase my max energy either which makes multiplies the annoyance at this factor.

(Err HH_1 error) in market keeps destroying a random item each time?

Items in pachinco and boss fights really should have a % chance on them (and a serious rise on the percents as well for the bosses).

All in all game needs a good bit of work and a balance to certain aspects.

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Kinkoid responds:

Constantly, we improve the game but it can take a lot time. If a lot of things are long for recharge, it's for appreciate the game and its mecanics. We wish that the game continues to be easy to play, to take in hands and can be played casually.

Kinkoid responds:

Could you provide more details ?

I have another question when will be the last missions in the Plain of rituas?

Kinkoid responds:

The last missions in the plains of rituals are now release. And a new world is arrived !

love the game just quick questions

i feel like your in a constant struggle to balance the in game currency for a while winning battles against bosses would drop a nice chunk of change then y'all raise prices on shop items to compensate then drop boss winnings down ect ,,, now as a long time player im left winning 10k for each fight but needing millions to level characters just feels excessive with a slow play-through like this game id really recommend keeping the currency more balanced were already waiting for energy and battle points it should take a week to level a character

also i know its been asked before but seriously what is the drop rate on the characters in there boss fights i get one then dump on the same boss for multiple days and never get anything ... does the timing even matter? im assuming you can actually win them all?

ill be honest i had y'all on patreon for a few months but do to these issues Ive kinda lost interest in the game the play through is just to slow still definitely one of the best games on newgrownds

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Kinkoid responds:

Hello !

Constantly, we proceed at a balance of the game. We try to improve player experience for to allow players to get all girls. But it can take a lot of time for find the good balance.

We don't give the percentage for girls's drop and yes, you can to get all girls.

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3.05 / 5.00

Jun 7, 2017
11:58 AM EDT
Action - Other