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RubberOnionBattle May 2017

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[UPDATE] Congrats to all the participants on earning a Daily 3rd!

The topic for this one was "Poorly-Timed Time Machine"

Anyone can participate (see bottom for new topic)!


15 second limit, post by midnight on the last day of the month on www.RubberOnion.com/FORUM

CC me @RubberOnion and use the #RubberOnionBattle hashtag

VOTE for your favorite (see below)...

Meet the animators

1 Stephen Brooks https://www.instagram.com/p/BVAhfHODVT3/
2 Rob Yulfo https://www.instagram.com/p/BUxfOXUh87d/
3 Jeff Berge https://youtu.be/3qQVt6XaZJE
4 Ben Badger https://youtu.be/Cx4fmvc_WSs
5 Meathamski https://www.instagram.com/p/BUxLkPmhsPg/
6 Eric Polley https://youtu.be/vldZNG3LAEs
7 Jeff Cook https://www.instagram.com/p/BUwc8ezBdpj/
8 David Budgen https://youtu.be/8KKyZZTwK7g
9 Xenia https://youtu.be/g4hzRh6AIOA
10 Eve L https://youtu.be/UwQfWgMYfCs
11 ETC TET https://youtu.be/HIxH7tZDrQc
12 Hugh Triggs Jr https://youtu.be/bER0A1akXFE
13 Elizabeth Honer https://youtu.be/aZWPBDr32DM


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I'm voting for #10 too!

rubberonion responds:

thanks for voting!